‘Survivor’ Has Surprising Health Risks In Food Trading Choices

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One of the biggest things that Survivor contestants have to do is find food. This is often done by trading or finding food on the island. This also makes it hard for some people, who come to the show with food allergies or other problems that puts their lives in danger thanks to the health risks this causes.

This happened this season with Liz Wilcox, who has struggled in Survivor 46 because of the show’s food rules.

Liz Wilcox Reveals Risky Survivor Food Rules

When people come on Survivor, they have to deal with surviving on an island where there is no food to start off with. The people have to win challenges so they can get tools and supplies. This includes fishing gear and more to find food to survive on. This season is in Fiki, and Liz Wilcox is allergic to most of the island’s native foods.

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Liz is allergic to coconuts and more. She admitted that she hadn’t eaten in 72 hours and Jeff Probst offered the cast a treat — popcorn. This was possibly done because the longer that Liz didn’t eat, the more health risks this caused her in the competition.

Liz also said that she hadn’t relieved herself on the island, so she was breaking down physically. Liz almost got a break in Episode 8. However, the cast rejected an offer to trade for rice, which took away another chance Liz had to get some food she could eat. This is where the rules came in because the timing of the rice and food rewards was important for Liz’s story.

Liz Lost An Applebees Reward

On top of the refusal to trade for rice, there was also a competition for an overnight Applebee’s reward. Liz said that she would eat any burger on the menu and it wouldn’t bother her food allergies. However, she lost and Q Burgette won. Since Liz had previously targeted Q, he refused to pick Liz.

Dwight Moore, who appeared in Survivor 43, was on the Black Bi Reality podcast and said the Applebees rewards timing was important. “They have doctors on the set,” Swight said. “They know their nutrition. Like they have to get these people something at some point because their bodies will shut down.” Liz needed it more than anyone and she didn’t get the food.

Q chose some other people, and some of them were willing to trade with Liz to get her food. Q rejected the changes. The show never aired Q’s rejection of helping Liz, according to Tiffany Nicole Erwin (via Parade). The good news is that Jeff offered Liz a personal amount of rice to sit out, and she agreed and finally got to eat.

Are you surprised that Survivor makes it so hard for some people to get food to eat on the series, or is this just part of the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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