‘7 Little Johnstons’ Amber Makes It Official With Big Win

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston

7 Little Johnstons cast member Amber Johnston celebrated a major win recently. So, what happened with her that was so major?

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston Wears Many Hats

7 Little Johnstons fans have had a lot of negative things to say about Amber Johnston over the years. A lot of it has to do with her controlling nature. Amber is very particular about how she wants things. She also isn’t as flexible when it comes to certain qualities she has tried to instill in her children.

However, on the other side of that coin, there’s no denying that it takes that type of personality to keep the 7 Little Johnstons train running. She may rule with an iron fist at times, but, Amber is always there for her family when it counts, and that is one thing that many viewers do admire about her, even if they don’t always agree with her tough love.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston/YouTube

TLC Mom Reaches Major Milestone

Typically, with 7 Little Johnstons family updates on social media, it’s often one of Trent Johnston or Amber Johnston’s children celebrating something big. This time around, it was Amber Johnston celebrating a huge win, which she shared with her many followers on the main family social media account.

Amber Johnston took several pics, including one with her graduating class. Along with the series of pics, Amber also included the caption: “The day is finally here…MGA BSW Graduating Class of 2024!”

Amber has a lot to be proud of after all the hard work she put in to get to this point. In addition to taking a pic with her entire graduating class, Amber also took a pic with a proud Trent Johnston, and even one with her dad. If that were not enough, even baby Leighton was on hand to witness the big milestone from Amber.

7 Little Johnstons Fans Chime In With Positive Messages

Many 7 Little Johnstons fans haven’t always agreed with Amber Johnston over the years, particularly with some of the ways she has raised her children. However, this latest update is a huge win for her since she decided to change careers and go back to school.

Amber Johnston traded her career in real estate for a degree in social work. It has been a long road for her to get here, but, she has finally arrived, and she has the degree to prove it.

Now, she officially graduated, proving that it’s never too late in life to change course if you feel that the path you’re on isn’t allowing you to fully flourish.

7 Little Johnstons: Trent Johnston - Amber Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Trent Johnston – Amber Johnston/YouTube
  • Many 7 Little Johnstons fans chimed in with positive messages following Amber’s big win. One commenter said: “Congratulations Amber your determination is a great example to your family.”
  • Another commenter added: “Congratulations Amber!!!! May God continue to guide you and bless you!!!! xoxoxo.”

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