Tom Selleck Could Lose California Ranch, Why?

Tom Selleck

Veteran actor and Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck is at risk of losing his ranch in California. Here’s what we know about the situation and everything going on.

Tom Selleck Is A Legendary Hollywood Actor

Tom Selleck and his famous mustache have been a part of movies and television for generations. Selleck’s first credited acting role came in the 1960s. Selleck didn’t fully hit his stride until the 1980s. Back then, he starred in the hit show Magnum P.I.

In addition to his turn as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the iconic series, Selleck also had a number of memorable film roles as well. One of his most memorable films put him starring alongside Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson in Three Men and a Baby.

Tom Selleck - Youtube Skype
Tom Selleck – Youtube Skype

Blue Bloods Gets The Ax After Season 14

Since 2010, Tom Selleck was introduced to a whole new generation of fans when he took on the role of Commissioner Frank Reagan on the CBS cop drama. Despite being one of the highest-ranked scripted shows on television, it was announced that the program would end after Season 14.

Other notable cast members of Blue Bloods include Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and more. Unfortunately, for a show with the kind of fanbase and viewing numbers that it has maintained over the years, it wasn’t enough to avoid the chopping block

The last episode of Blue Bloods will air in December 2024. The second half of Season 14 will premiere in the fall. Those final eight episodes will conclude the show. It has been a long and successful run following the Reagan family. So, even though viewers won’t get a Season 15, many are hopeful that the final chapter of the show will close on a good note.

Donnie Wahlberg, Kelly Clarkson Show
Donnie Wahlberg, Kelly Clarkson Show

Tom Selleck Risks Losing California Ranch?

Unfortunately, Blue Bloods getting the ax may not be the only casualty in Tom Selleck’s life. Because of his hit show getting the boot, Selleck is worried about being able to keep his 63-acre ranch in California. The Ventura County ranch was once an avocado farm.

Selleck is hopeful that he will keep working, enough to hold onto his property. This is a sobering realization from one of the most recognized people working in the industry today. When you work gig to gig like this, you might expect an Uber driver or a freelancer to potentially be out of work. However, according to Selleck, he faces a lot of the same issues when it comes to the lack of job security.

Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods / YouTube

Tom Selleck spoke candidly to TMZ, saying that, as an actor, every time he finishes a job, he has the sense that this could be his “last job.” Now, with Blue Bloods ending, one might think that someone like Selleck could rest on his laurels. However, as an actor, if he wants to keep his ranch, this is a job he would much rather “keep doing.”

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  2. CBS is way off on their decision to drop Blue Bloods. Maybe certain individuals comprising of CBS’s leadership needs to be dropped!!!

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