‘S.W.A.T.’: Will Kenny Johnson & Alex Russell Return For Finale?

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S.W.A.T. is finally coming to an end with a seventh season. This was great news for fans and lead actor Shemar Moore, who fought for the show’s survival. While CBS canceled it after Season 6, a pushback caused the network to allow it to return for Season 7 so the series could wrap up its stories.

However, does this mean that some former actors who left the series like Kenny Johnson and Alex Russell could return? Here is what Shemar Moore had to say.

Could Kenny Johnson Return In The Final S.W.A.T. Season?

When CBS canceled S.W.A.T., Shemar Moore spoke up loudly supporting the series continuing for one more season. However, when the series was headed for its end in Season 6, one of the most important team members fell in battle and ended up forced into retirement.


Kenny Johnson plays Dominique Luca, and he ended up gunned down as he attempted to stop a robbery in front of his young daughter. He lived but learned he suffered nerve damage and couldn’t remain on the team. Rather than face a desk job, he chose retirement from the police force.

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He was the second major character to leave the CBS series. Alex Russell played Jim Street and left the show after Season 6, when he left the main team and joined Long Beach’s SWAT team, becoming its new commanding officer. These two characters were major parts of past versions of S.W.A.T.

In the 1975 television show, Hondo was played by Steve Forrest, while Robert Urich played Street and Mark Shera played Luca. All three men, as well as Rod Perry’s Kay, were the top-listed cast members. In the 2003 film, Street was the main character (played by Colin Farrell) with Samuel L. Jackson as Hondo. Some new characters replaced Luca in the movie.

However, the question is whether Luyca and Street will return to the final season, as Shemar Moore’s Hondo and Jay Harringon’s Kay are the last original characters from the 70s show standing.

Shemar Moore Talks Returns In S.W.A.T. Final Season

Shemar Moore is very happy that CBS brought back S.W.A.T. for one more season to finish the story properly. However, he also said that the sixth season could have ended the story — just in case CBS didn’t cave in. “When you get to the finale, you’ll see we shaped it in a way that it’s either our swan song or our new beginning” (via Deadline).

As for the return of people like Kenny Johnson and Alex Russell as Dominique Luca and Jim Street, Moore said never to say never. He pointed out that his character, as well as Deacon, Hicks, and Tan, are still there with some “newbies,” but Street and Luca are still alive, and could realistically return.

“Regarding those people that you miss, nobody died,” Moore said. “And in the world of Hollywood, anything can happen.”

Do you want to see Kenny Johnson and Alex Russell return for the final season of S.W.A.T.? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Yes we would love to see both of them back Luca is my favorite one but I love all of them hope to see them back for the season final

  2. ABSOLUTELY!! Bring them back the original group makes show complete.
    I enjoy seeing how original cast interacts, their personalities are unique and it doesn’t look like they are acting

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