Hannah Brown Admits Being Distraught Over Brother’s Marriage

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Hannah Brown’s family has a weird dynamic to it, to say the least. While she was The Bachelorette she got engaged to Jed Wyatt. However, their engagement did not last long when it came to light that he had a girl back home who happened to be Haley Stevens. She ended things with Jed and in a normal situation both Jed and Haley would be out of her life. That didn’t happen. Haley met Hannah’s brother Patrick and their love blossomed into marriage. Now, Hannah shared that she was distraught over their relationship. What did she have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Brown Admits Brother’s Marriage Bothered Her

Former Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars Hannah Brown appeared on the Almost Famous podcast where she chatted about life and even the past. One of the things she discussed was her brother Patrick’s marriage to Haley Stevens.

First of all, Hannah admits she realizes it is a very weird situation. She admits it was really hard and she was distraught over their relationship.

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Hannah said, “I think we all know, and I can say this, we’re in a much better situation now. But it was messed up. I had a really hard time with it. For sure, it was weird. But, they are married now and she is a part of my family.”

After everything went down between Hannah and Jed, Haley met her brother Patrick. They began dating in February 2021 and by December they were engaged. In September 2022, Haley and Patrick tied the knot.

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How Hannah Feels About Their Relationship Now

Hannah has come to terms with it all now. She said, “They have a really great relationship, and she loves him very much, and I know my brother really loves her. My brother has been through so much and has been in a lot of different seasons of life that were really hard to watch. … Now, she’s in his life and I feel like it’s really cool to see where he is.”

She admits it was hard at first but now she is very happy for them.


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Hannah previously said she just wanted her brother to be happy. She never had any doubts she would attend the wedding to support them both. Overall, Hannah referred to her brother’s relationship as a wild plot twist.

Now, Hannah has found love of her own and is currently planning her own wedding. The couple has not publicly shared their wedding date.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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