‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Kiana & Houston Share Pics Of New Love

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Farmer Wants a Wife had a big surprise for fans on the day the reunion aired. Kiana Clemente had been dating Farmer Mitchell. However, when it came down to the three final women, Mitchell sent her home. All was not lost though. When Kiana went to meet Mitchell’s family, she also met his best friend Houston. Yesterday, Kiana shared they were together and had been dating since December. Now, these two lovebirds are giving an update and sharing photos of their new love. Keep reading to find out more.

Farmer Wants A Wife Kiana And Houston Are In Love

Farmer Wants a Wife didn’t end with Kiana getting the farmer. However, she did get the farmer’s best friend. The two went public on the day the reunion episode aired on Fox. Kiana shared that they can’t wait to see where the future takes them.

Today, Houston Warren went to Instagram to also share their love for one another. He shared never-before-seen photos as well. He captioned the photos saying, “Well the show is over and a big congratulations to @mitchkolo and @sydneyerreraa and a special kind of thank you! Since it’s out there now here are some favorites with my 🐥 It’s been a special few months… Really struck gold with this one.”

Kiana Clemente and Houston Warren via insta

Kiana responded to Houston on the post and said, “I love you. Everything happens for a reason. All played out perfectly. Can’t wait for more of these moments 🥰” Houston replied back to her saying amen.

Mitchell also posted a few emojis essentially congratulating them on their relationship.

Kiana Clemente and Houston Warren via insta 1

Fans, Family And Friends Love Their New Love

Numerous fans, family and friends commented on their post as well. Farmer Wants a Wife changed their lives. Some commented on how adorable they are. Another said they look cute together. Still, another shared that they had seen most of the pics already but couldn’t get enough.

Everyone is incredibly happy for Kiana and Houston. It was the twist of all twists. As for Farmer Mitchell, he also found love. Mitchell chose Sydney Errera and the two are still going strong. There are two happy endings so far.

Kiana has not shared yet what her future plans are and if she plans to move to be closer to Houston. Things are headed in the right direction for both of these adorable couples.

What do you think of Kiana and Houston finding love together? Stay tuned for more updates.

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