Could Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker Star In Hallmark Christmas Movie Sequel?

Photo: Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker co-star in the hugely successful Hallmark Mystery series Curious Caterer. While promoting the latest movie in that franchise, the talented actress, producer, and writer spoke about a Christmas wish that includes working with Andrew again.

What specific Christmas sequel project does Nikki want to do with Andrew?

Hallmark-Photo: Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steven Ackerman
Hallmark-Photo: Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steven Ackerman

Could Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker Star In Another Hallmark Christmas Movie?

Although Hallmark is airing their Countdown to Summer movies, many of the stars are focused on Christmas. That is because Countdown To Christmas is a big deal at the feel-good network. Therefore, it is of no surprise that Nikki DeLoach recently told US Magazine that she has a big Christmas wish. She wants to make another Christmas movie with Andrew Walker. Moreover, she wants to do a sequel. That is because she has an extra special reason why.

Nikki started off by revealing, “I had this idea that I have been dying and wanting to do for years.” She then explained that fans have asked for a sequel to A Dream Of Christmas.

In this fan-favorite Hallmark Christmas movie, the two play a married couple, Penny and Stuart. Stuart is busy working on his dream photography project. He often travels to take photos. Meanwhile, Penny is working a job that she is overqualified for, but underpaid and underappreciated. She makes a wish in front of Jayne “The Angel” (Cindy Williams) and the next day, she is magically single and killing it in the boardroom. Penny got her wish. However, Stuart is not in her life. He doesn’t even know her. She spends the movie trying to get Stuart back into her life, while navigating a client relationship with Andrew, portrayed by the gorgeous Christopher Russell. Of course, Christmas magic ensues, and the couple is reunited.

So, why does Nikki want a sequel?

What Does Nikki DeLoach Envision In A Dream Of Christmas Sequel?

Now that Nikki DeLoach has shared that fans want her and Andrew Walker to make a sequel to Hallmark’s A Dream Of Christmas, what does she want to see happen in this movie? Firstly, she wants to jump 10 years. Also, she wants Penny and Stuart to have three children. However, she envisions that life is a challenge.

They have not had children back in the day whenever we first saw them in that movie. They [now] have three children. They are underwater. They’re underwater with their jobs. They’re underwater with their children. They’re underwater with lives.

Nikki uses her busy personal life as fodder for this movie. She is married to Ryan Goodell, and they have two children, Hudson, 10, and Bennett, 6. Meanwhile, Andrew is married to Cassandra Troy, and they also have two sons, West, 8, and Wolf, 4.

Nikki ponders that Penny and Stuart could find themselves wishing for another life and a more carefree life. “And what if they both make a wish unintentionally?” Therefore, that wish could find them both in an alternate reality. But, they will “have to work together to come back to each other.”

Hallmark fans, would you like to see a sequel to A Dream Of Christmas?

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