Gleb Savchenko Strips Down For Fans During Chippendales Show

Gleb Savchenko from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars cast member Gleb Savchenko is not holding back at all during his new gig in Las Vegas.

Members of one publication went to see his Chippendales show in Las Vegas and took photos during the performance. Gleb didn’t just give an excellent performance — he completely stripped down for the audience members.

Read on and find out what exactly one of Gleb’s heartstopping performances looks like.

Gleb Savchenko Goes Naked During Chippendales Performance

Right now, Gleb Savchenko is performing with Chippendales in Las Vegas through May 12. After that, he’s moving on to the Chippendales stage in Atlantic City from July 18-21.

Since Gleb is typically known as the “sexy” member of the show, few were surprised to learn he joined Chippendales.

Gleb Savchenko from Instagram
Gleb Savchenko/Instagram

The Sun managed to grab exclusive photos of the dancer in action where he took it all off for audience members. The 40-year-old took a shower in front of viewers completely naked. According to the publication, he fully reveals his behind to the audience members. But when he turns to the front, he slyly throws a washcloth over his private parts.

“I love to dance. … I love to be able to control the room and see them going crazy,” Gleb shared with the publication, adding that he loves the energy in the room. “And that feeling of being on stage is just – it’s a drug. I’m addicted to that. It’s my life,”

He added that he wouldn’t quit Dancing With The Stars to do Chippendales full-time, he would love to do both if the option presented itself.

Check out The Sun’s website to see the exclusive photos of Gleb in the buff yourself.

The Pro Dancer Teases Performances On His Instagram Page

Although the shower scene might be the most risque part of the show, it’s not the only moment where Gleb Savchenko captivates his audience members. The Sun also writes that he reenacts a steamy scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. He also brings women on stage to be part of various performances, which he shared himself on Instagram.

In this scene, Gleb is wrapped in a towel and gives audience members a peek at what’s underneath. In his Instagram post, he even quickly flashes one audience member he brought on stage with him.

Gleb’s Instagram followers adored the sultry scene and hoped to get a chance to see it in person. Followers wrote:

  • I’m about to book a flight for this! 😍🥵”
  • “Can we please go to Vegas like YESTERDAY 😍”
  • “I want to watch this beautiful show 🔥🔥🔥”
  • How does one apply to be the towel?”

At the moment, Gleb Savchenko is currently single. And he thinks that’s probably for the best right now. He’s working on himself for the time being. But it also helps to have a crowd full of people screaming his name night after night.

“Self-love I think is the most important thing because you love yourself and not in an egoistic way,” Gleb told The Sun. “I’m single, but I’m not ready to mingle. I have so many – 350 people – on Chippendales screaming my name, and that’s enough. Come see me and we’re good.”

Fans interested in getting tickets to see Gleb Savchenko perform with Chippendales can get tickets through the website.

Have you seen the show? Share what you thought about it in the comments.

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