‘DONDI’ Host Joe Manganiello Was Excited To See One Contestant

Joe Manganiello

The host from Deal Or No Deal Island Joe Manganiello recently revealed he was excited to see a certain contestant show up to play the game. This season has been full of backstabbing. It is down to four players, Rob, Amy, Stephanie, and Jordan. Aron, unfortunately, made a bad deal with the banker and was sent home on Monday. As the host, Joe has become close with some of the players. He was especially excited to meet one specific person.

Joe Manganiello Wants To Play The Game

Joe Manganiello revealed that he would love to play the game himself. 

“I think I could win, for sure. I think I could win Survivor,” answered Manganiello. “The trick about Survivor is I’d be really good at getting everyone things to eat, catching the animals, catching the fish, climbing the trees, winning the challenges. As soon as everyone merges, and it’s every person for themselves, they’re going to go right after me, so I’d have to win immunity every time,” he strategized. “But I will say, I did stand there looking at our game thinking, ‘I would switch places with any of you right now.’ Like, I wanted to play.”

It seems Joe loves Survivor.

Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello

Who Was He Excited To Meet?

So, this means Joe was ecstatic to meet Boston Rob. 

“I was a Survivor junkie, and when I got to the island they [the production team] said Boston Rob’s flying in this morning, and I said, ‘What’s he doing here?’ They said, ‘No, he’s one of the guests. I went, ‘Get out of here!’ But of course, I had to hide that, because it’s up to the players to reveal that or Rob to reveal that or not. I don’t interfere.”

Maybe they can both hangout once the show is over as friends. Could Joe be on a future season of Survivor? Boston Rob is one of the final four. His righthand man, Aron, made a bad deal with the banker. This resulted in a very emotional goodbye between them. Joe did not want to see Aron leave as they had built a friendship. Aron loves Joe and has said he wants to hangout once the show is done. Obviously, Rob and Aron will stay friends as Rob took him under his wing.

Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello

It seems Joe is a huge Survivor fan and knew Boston Rob from that. He is a huge fan and couldn’t wait to meet him. However, he had to keep his cool due to the game restrictions. Rob, Aron, and Joe may have to get together for a family dinner once the show is over. It could be safe to say that Joe is rooting for Rob to win the final case. Could fans see Joe appear in a season in the future? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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