‘My 600-lb Life’ Spinoff To Bring Back Controversial Patient

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From TLC YouTube

My 600-lb Life Season 10 featured the story of Dolly Martinez. She’s remembered by many due to her roller-coaster story. The Texas native appeared in the show at 593 pounds. Aside from her weight, she also struggled to breathe after suffering from congestive heart failure. Dolly decided to turn her life around after losing custody of her daughter. She had some ups and downs with Dr. Now, leaving the show on a questionable note. Until recently, some Redditors reacted to her return to the franchise. Keep reading to see what they have to say about Dolly’s reunion with Dr. Now.

My 600-lb Life: Dolly Martinez’s Weight Loss Journey

Dolly’s episode left a huge mark on many viewers due to her story. The My 600-lb Life star had a rough past with her abusive husband. The two were on and off in their marriage. However, she claimed that her husband never stopped being abusive, which ultimately led to their split. Dolly lost custody of her daughter. She also ended up in a homeless shelter, where she met a man named Phillip. The two got engaged after six weeks and remained homeless.

Dolly Martinez From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Dolly Martinez From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From TLC YouTube

This also resulted in Dr. Now not approving Dolly for bariatric surgery. She only lost 40 pounds in almost a year, bringing her down to 552 lbs. But it seems that she’s ready to prove something as she returns in the latest season of Where Are They Now?

Fans React To Dolly’s Return

Some Redditors react to Dolly Martinez’s return to the upcoming spinoff My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? According to the poster, Dolly suspended her TikTok account when production began. It was also revealed that she moved back with her mom and daughter. Not much is known about what happened between her and Phillip, which may be revealed in the life update episode. Meanwhile, some Reddit users were excited about her return and recalled her memorable storyline.

Phillip & Dolly Martinez From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From Dolly Martínez Facebook
Phillip & Dolly Martinez From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From Dolly Martínez Facebook
  • “When I watched this episode with my youngest child (we’re on a trainwreck world tour of 600 Lb Life with an occasional uplifting palate cleanser), they said ‘my exact face the whole time watching this episode!”
  • “Her episode was like a fever dream. I love recommending it to people who aren’t usually interested in the typical My 600lb Life. I’m just like, no. This goes off the rails immediately! By the time it is over you’re just wondering. . .wtf did I just watch.”
  • “It felt like 5 years of drama in 2 hours.”
  • “Omg this is literally my #1 want for a WATN episode! Her original episode is pure insanity from beginning to end, “I don’t blame the ducks” lives rent free in my head.”

My 600-lb Life: How’s Dolly Martinez Today?

Dolly has been active on social media, especially on Instagram. She’s looking a lot healthier today compared to her time during Season 10. In February, the My 600-lb Life star uploaded a selfie featuring her slimming face. Dolly Martinez has yet to share her weight today, though it may be revealed in the upcoming spinoff. She also took to social media earlier this year to warn her fans that someone has been impersonating her online and confirmed that she only has one IG page.

Dolly Martinez From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @dollysjourneytlc Instagram
Dolly Martinez From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @dollysjourneytlc Instagram

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