Kelly Osbourne Shares Near-Death Experience After Brother Shot Her

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Kelly Osbourne is sharing a near-death experience she had after her brother, Jack Osbourne shot her. She recalled how it happened and what she felt like afterward. So, what exactly went down? Keep reading for all of the details of the alleged shooting.

Kelly Osbourne Shares Near-Death Experience After Brother Shot Her

Brothers and sisters love to fight and roughhouse but growing up in the Osbourne home meant a lot more than that. Jack and Kelly Osbourne had a rock and roll household where anything goes and now, they are spilling all of their childhood secrets. According to People, Kelly, 39, is opening up about the time that Jack, 38, shot his sister. The family now has a podcast, The Osbournes Podcast, and they are very candid, often comical about their experiences, good and bad. On the Tuesday, April 23rd episode, Kelly chatted about being shot by her younger brother. Yet, how did something like this happen?

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Kelly Osbourne – YouTube

Kelly started off by saying this to Jack:

“You shot me…and I almost died.”

Their mother, Sharon Osbourne wanted it to be known that this was not a hardcore gun but rather a pellet gun. Still, Kelly maintained she could have died from the wound.

“Mum, it went straight through my leg and out the other side.”

Even Jack had to concede that people have been killed by pellet guns:

“You can still kill someone with a pellet gun.”

Patriarch Ozzy Osbourne was curious as to whether or not the shot hurt. Kelly quickly responded and followed up with what it was like when she had to receive medical attention:

“Dad, it felt like someone putting a hot poker through my leg really fast because it kind of burnt a bit…It was this tiny hospital in the middle of nowhere England in the ’90s. Their X-ray machine wasn’t working. So, they got this long Q-tip and wrapped it in gauze and dipped it in iodine and poked it through the hole to make sure that there was no bits [of pellet] still [inside my leg].”

Fans of the family immediately commented after seeing the clip of them retelling this horrific story:

  • My mom went thru the same w/ her brother too
  • O M G, Kelly – I can’t imagine how bad that hurt!!!
  • Me too girl… My brother shot me with a CO2 pellet gun!! Pellet still inside me 😢

A Relatable Story

It seemed that Kelly Osbourne’s story about being shot was quite relatable as many fans had been there themselves. Additionally, they shared stories about being shot by siblings or parents having experienced something similar. As to where their parents were, Ozzy was working so their uncle was caretaking and they did admit it was not done on purpose. However, Kelly seemed to have a lot of fun sharing how her brother had shot her, initially leaving out the accidental part.

Can you believe that this happened? More so, has anything like this occurred in your life? Let us know in the comments below.l

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