‘Home Town’ Host Erin Napier Opens Up On Pregnancy Rumors

Erin and Ben Napier - Home Town HGTV

Erin Napier posted some social media photos and as she wore loose clothing, Home Town fans immediately started wondering if the HGTV host was pregnant, but recently, she opened up about those comments. She and her husband raise two daughters, so some people hope that she will welcome a son.

HGTV Star Erin Napier Plays it Straight On Social Media

Home Town fans who get smart with the reality TV star should expect a straight answer by now. Recently, after Season 8 of Home Town Takeover premiered, she noticed that some fans were trolling their decisions. So, she told them to stop being so nasty because it impacts the clients who appear on the show. At the time, she claimed that trolling her meant nothing. But, hurting other people seemed unacceptable. So, she told them to “be nice.”

 Ben and Erin Napier_courtesy of discovery+
As seen on Home Town, Ben and Erin Napier pose for a photo outside their shop. Pic credit: discovery+

Erin Napier will interact with her 1.5 million followers on Instagram, but she rarely engages in arguments about her life. She delivers her message and if people get it wrong, she gives them her direct feedback. And, there’s no mistaking when she lectures on inappropriate behavior. The HGTV star doesn’t like people asking about her family and pregnancy.

Home Town Star Posted After Pregnancy Rumors

On April 12, the reality TV star took to Instagram and shared a photo of herself with her husband, Ben, and others. it looked like they might be on a commercial property. In her caption, she said:

up to something so big in 2025 (can you guess?)

Home Town Star Erin Napier In Loose-Fitting Top - Instagram
Home Town Star Erin Napier In Loose-Fitting Top – Instagram

In the comments, because Erin Napier wore a loose-fitting top, people asked if she was pregnant. Thus a rumor was born. One fan said, “Baby #3.” And that sparked more conversation:

  • I bet you’re right!
  • The way Erin’s question is phrased leaves the answer possibilities wide open, and it is not unreasonable to expect they might decide to have a 3rd child.
  • Another baby??? Yay❤️
  • You know she hates that question

Clearing Up The Pregnancy Rumors

It didn’t take long for a reaction to the pregnancy news to arrive. But this time, it came on her Stories, and People wrote about it. The outlet grabbed a screenshot and cited her as saying:

not expecting a baby. medically not capable, so please give that a rest? we don’t need a son to be complete as a family and i just like loose clothes. let it beeeeeee, you sweet people.

Erin Napier On Pregnancy Rumors - Instagram via people
Erin Napier On Pregnancy Rumors – Instagram via People

What are your thoughts about Erin Napier telling people that she is not expecting a baby and that fans should just let it be? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Home Town on HGTV news.

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  1. OMG, so glad she said that! They are already a complete family and a wonderful one at that. Love the show and everybody in it! 🥰

  2. I totally agree!! Let them be and let them live their lives. If they want another child that is their business and we all need to stay out of it unless she wants us to know.

    1. Erin wrote above that she is medically not capable (of having another baby). She doesn’t like the speculation!! Please everyone, give it a rest.

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