Erin Napier of ‘Home Town’ Shares Season 3 News, Baby Details and More

Home Town is back on HGTV with new episodes for Season 3. Because of this, Erin Napier is going to her Instagram and sharing details about the show. The viewers couldn’t be happier that this show is back again. She live-tweeted with the fans tonight and hopefully will do that again in the future.

Erin talks about Season 3

Erin feels like she really had her energy back this season after having a baby. She also explained that this show about more than just renovating homes. Erin said, “Thank y’all for watching this show. It’s about so much more than renovation. It’s about the restoration of a community. And you’re part of it! ”

One funny thing that she shared awhile back about filming is that she has to stand on a box. The reason is that Ben is over a foot taller than her. They have to make esure they both fit in the camera.

Will you get to see their daughter on camera?

It turns out that you won’t be seeing their daughter on the show much. Obviously, she isn’t someone who is going to be helping work on the homes. Maybe when she gets a bit older they will change their mind. For now, Erin Napier shared saying, “An instagram photo once in a while is one thing, but 2 million weekly viewers is another. We feel like Helen has a right to privacy and growing up without a camera recording it, so she will only be making a precious few appearances on Home Town, only when we feel it’s appropriate.”

A lot of people have their children on reality shows and others choose not to. It is up to the parent and Erin and Ben have made their choice.

Are you excited for Season 3 of Home Town? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss new episodes Monday nights on HGTV. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure you check it out!

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