‘RHOM’ Larsa Pippen Debuts Questionable New Face

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RHOM star Larsa Pippen has debuted a questionable new face. Fans have long noticed how her face keeps evolving and changing, unfortunately not in the best way. Now, she has a whole new look and followers cannot help but comment. What are they saying? Keep reading for more details.

RHOM Larsa Pippen Debuts Questionable New Face

This has been an interesting year for Larsa Pippen. She and her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan appeared to have called it quits in February 2024. Then, within the blink of an eye, they were seen out together and it looked like followers had been scammed by their break up. Larsa confessed that she had gotten mad at Marcus and ended up deleting his photos from her social media but things were fine. Yet, as soon as she said that, the two did break up for good this time. She also looked like a horrible friend this season of RHOM for sharing Guerdy Abraira’s cancer secret with all of their friends.

Larsa Pippen-Instagram
Larsa Pippen-Instagram

Larsa was supposed to stay quiet but that is not in her nature. With the season over, she is doing her own thing and living a single life. Recently, she posted a photo to her Instagram to promote her fine jewelry line. It sparked a lot of controversy over the way that she looked with a Reddit thread being started. The OP wrote:

  • Larsa just soft-launched a new face


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So, what did followers have to say about her new face? Over on Reddit, they shared this:

  • Looks like a filter to me
  • That’s just Facetune I bet she comes on next season with same old pillow face
  • This doesn’t even look like her….like none of her version

Then, over on Instagram, Larsa Pippen’s fans were much more harsh:

  • Girl, that is not you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • AI generated Real Housewife
  • Larsa could use a lymphatic drainage massage; she often looks swollen, possibly from too many fillers and injections. It would be great if a friend could treat her to a Groupon for a session, or perhaps find a sponsor for her.

Clickbait & Jealousy

Aside from Larsa Pippen’s unrecognizable face, followers also noticed the giant rock on her ring finger. They wondered why she was wearing it and if it was a way to grab Marcus Jordan’s attention. More so, they believed that she was trying too hard and the common theme was this photo was filled with AI. The initial thought was Larsa over-filtered her photo. However, that quickly shifted to a more modern way to change and alter a pic. Either way, followers were very confused as to what happened to Larsa but some could not wait until she had to appear on camera. Then, her real face would be featured.

Do you think Larsa had more work done or did she just filter her snap heavily? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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