HGTV’s Charles Hill Ordered To Pay $10 Million, Plus Time Served

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Former HGTV star Charles “Todd” Hill is facing some serious legal troubles. He is being ordered to pay nearly $10 million in institutions and has been sentenced to four years in Santa Clara County Jail after he was tied to multiple fraud schemes. Keep reading to see what was uncovered during the trial and when Todd will be serving his sentence.

Why Is Charles ‘Todd’ Hill Going To Jail?

Todd Hill appeared on Flip It To Win It in 2014. The program showed five teams of “expert flippers” who bid against each other on houses, sight unseen. Whichever team sold their house for the most cash won the challenge.

The show only aired for one season, but he gained notoriety for his work on the program. Unfortunately, what he will be remembered for now is the real estate and financial fraud he has been accused of.

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A press release that detailed the HGTV star‘s sentencing shared details about what Todd Hill did. Evidently, he “spent millions on overbudget remodels, laundered profits, and pocketed millions in fraudulently obtained money.”

The laundered cash was used for vacations, hotels, luxury vehicles, and an apartment in San Francisco. Hill also used construction money for his own personal use.

Apparently, Hill also perpetrated a Ponzi scheme. He created false balance sheets and used false information to get loans. One example of this was when the HGTV star got a loan for a $250K remodel, but the “home” wound up just being a burnt-up shell of a house with absolutely no work done to it.

The HGTV Star Is Facing A Serious Sentence For His Crimes

In addition to four years in the county jail, Hill is being ordered to pay back almost $10 million to the 11 victims of his schemes. He was initially indicted on the charges in November 2019 after an investigation by the County of Santa Clara’s Office of the District Attorney.

The HGTV alum admitted to grand theft with aggravated white-collar enhancements in September 2023. He wound up being convicted of a number of scams, including several that occurred before he appeared on Flip It To Win It.

Now, the 58-year-old has been ordered to pay back $9,402,678.43 on top of a four-year jail sentence and 10 years of probation.

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“Some see the huge amount of money in Silicon Valley real estate as a business opportunity,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen stated. “Others, unfortunately, see it as a criminal opportunity – and we will hold those people strictly accountable.”

Victims who spoke during the April 16 hearing shared that they were still financially and professionally struggling after working with the former HGTV star.

The network has not yet responded to requests for a statement regarding Charles “Todd” Hill and his crimes.

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