Justin Hartley Reflects On ‘Ridiculous’ Soap Start

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley took a big risk career-wise when he took his now iconic role as Kevin Pearson in This Is Us. At the time, he was primarily a pretty face in soaps, and he took a big risk that completely paid off. Recently, the Tracker star reflected on his early soap days, and some of the “ridiculous” things he did when he got his start. So, what did he have to say?

Justin Hartley Got His Start As The Pretty Face In Soaps

It’s no secret that soaps have a tried and true formula of casting pretty people to star in them. Often, former models looking to break into acting find themselves on various soap operas. This is one industry where having a pretty face and toned abs can certainly work in your favor.

This was exactly the case for Justin Hartley when he broke into the industry and first got his start. He may be recognized these days for This Is Us, and now, his very own show, Tracker, but, things didn’t start that way for him.

Justin Hartley
Justin Hartley – Passions/YouTube

Hartley Got His Start On Passions

Justin Hartley may have a smash hit television show these days with Tracker, a show he has the lead role in, as well as executive producer credits, but, he had a much smaller start before he ever got to leading man status.

From 2002 to 2006, Justin Hartley played the role of Nicholas Foxworth Crane, or “Fox” on Passions. Not surprisingly, the show took full advantage of Hartley’s young, ripped physique and chiseled features, as he spent a good chunk of his role walking around shirtless in scenes.

Reflecting on his time walking around with barely any clothes on, Justin Hartley recently said: “They’d have me with no shirt walking around a hospital for three weeks. It was ridiculous but I loved it.”

Justin Hartley - Sofia Pernas
Justin Hartley – Sofia Pernas/YouTube

Justin Hartley Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously

When Justin Hartley took the role of Kevin Pearson on This Is Us, art imitated life in a big way. In the show, Hartley’s character was also an actor who wanted people to take him more seriously. They even played out his shirtless past in This Is Us scenes. Hartley’s character, Kevin, was on a fictional show called The Manny.

In that show within a show, Hartley’s character played a character who also happened to have his shirt off most of the time. Rebelling against that narrative and wanting people to take him more seriously as an actor, Hartley’s character quits in front of a live audience, wanting to be seen as more than just a hunky piece of meat.

In many ways, this was a nod to Justin Hartley’s shirtless Passions past, as well as a way to poke fun at it in a way that made sense for his This Is Us character’s storyline. In this aspect, art most definitely imitated life.

These days, Justin Hartley has fully transitioned from just another pretty face on a soap to a serious actor with real acting chops. Even though this has been a full-circle transformation for him and his career trajectory, it’s clear that Justin Hartley is not bitter about his journey getting to this point or how he got his start.

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