Tammy Slaton Shares Amazing Weight Loss Timeline Pics

Tammy Slaton 1000-Lb Sisters TLC YouTube

1000-Lb Sisters fans were convinced that one day they would wake to the news that Tammy Slaton passed away but instead, the TLC star is busy sharing her amazing weight loss timeline. Read on and see the pics that she shared.

Tammy Slaton Woke Up And Found A Future

1000-Lb Sisters fans grew increasingly irritated with Amy Slaton Halterman’s sister. After Amy qualified for gastric surgery, Tammy seemed petulant and jealous. As her nastiness increased, so did her body size. Acting as if she didn’t care, she tossed back alcohol and smoked, partied, and then ended up in the hospital. Her own body weight prevented her from exhaling the toxic gases in her lungs properly. And, that woke her up.

Tammy Slaton - Youtube/tlc uk
1000-Lb Sisters – TLC – YouTube – Tammy Slaton

It was one thing for Tammy Slaton to wake up, but quite another thing for her to swap her addiction to food for an addiction to losing weight. Sweating in the gym, watching what she eats, and determination to prove herself to her doctor seem to keep her motivated. Additionally, she hopes to one day become a model for larger-than-average women.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Shares Weight Loss Photos

Taking to her TikTok ahead of the weekend, the TLC star uploaded a slide show of her weight loss. It included one from her first arrival at rehab, then others showed her steady loss. One of them showed her in a car with her brother Chris Combs. That probably came when she celebrated being able to sit in the front passenger seat. Before that, she’d been heaved into the back of a van.

Tammy Slaton weight loss TikTok
Tammy Slaton weight loss TikTok

Tammy Slaton posted lots of photos, with some of them being quite recent. Despite some filtering, it’s clear that the 1000-Lb Sisters star has shed a lot of pounds. If anyone deserves to show off her successes, then, it’s the TLC star who people expected would die before losing weight. They also liked the soundtrack which was JoJo Siwa going on about how “no one has made this dramatic of a change yet.”  

In the comments section, many people praised her because these days they see her as inspirational:

  • So proud of you Tammy. What an inspiration you are to others. ♥️♥️♥️
  • for REAL THO!!!! Tammy wins this sound yall❤️❤️
  • You have done a phenomenal job and I am so proud of you. I hope one day to be as successful as you at losing weight ✨
  • This audio was made for you, I swear. We’re all so proud of you, Queen Tammy! 😁
  • What are your thoughts about Tammy Slaton sharing so many photos of her weight loss? Are you happy for her? Will you ever get tired of hearing how she saved her life with a healthier lifestyle? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 1000-Lb Sisters news. 
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