Madison Brown Shares How She’s Overcoming Difficult Days

Maddie Brown Brush, Caleb Brush, and their three children from Instagram

The past few weeks and months have been pretty difficult for the Brown family as a whole. Garrison Brown’s tragic death at the beginning of March really rocked the family, in addition to their daily trials and worries.

But even so, many members of the family are determined to press onward. Janelle Brown recently shared that Gabriel is in a better headspace. Additionally, Madison Brown is working through her personal blocks too.

Keep reading to see what Maddie shared with her followers recently.

Madison Brown Shares Helpful Tips With Her Online Audience

As the mother of three young children, Madison Brown Brush is constantly busy. In fact, she admitted she’s so busy and often struggles to ground herself.

That’s precisely why she chose to share some helpful tips with her Instagram audience.

“In our digital world, the simplicity of writing things down with pen and paper has become a grounding force for me,” the mother of three shared on Instagram. “There’s something profoundly calming about the tactile act of writing that helps reclaim my thoughts from the constant digital noise and chaos in my brain. Whether it’s remembering important dates, organizing the overwhelming, never end task list, or sorting through tangled emotions, in finding that writing helps bring clarity to so much.”

Maddison Brown Brush from Instagram
Maddie Brush/Instagram

“When overwhelmed, I write [out],” Maddie continued. “It slows me down and pulls me away from spinning the same circles in my head, helps me manage my thoughts and duties more effectively. This process not only quiets the mental noise but also brings clarity and order to my emotions and to-do lists.”


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Instagram Users React To The TLC Star’s Helpful Tips

Other Instagram users found Madison Brown’s advice to be incredibly helpful. Many others expressed how they too often feel burned out by technology. Writing their feelings down and journaling seems to be pretty popular with Maddie’s followers.

Instagram comments included:

  • “I agree! So much going on with my children, I needed to see a physical calendar. ❤️”
  • “I do this every night and every morning. I write down a couple concerns before bed and then a few blessings in the morning. It helps me clear my head at night and be grateful each morning.”
  • “I love this. Writing is something I do as well as a way to calm myself. I also bought myself a journaling Bible with pictures to color. It is so peaceful and it causes me to meditate over the scriptures. It can be a great source of encouragement. ❤️”
  • “You…. I just enjoy you and your positive, thought provoking, posts! Your Mama must be so proud! You are an amazing young woman!”

What do you think about Madison Brown’s tips? Do you also find journaling to be relaxing? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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