‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s Comment Comes Back To Bite Her

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube

After being on TLC for 18 Seasons, it makes sense the Sister Wives stars once said things they no longer believe to be true. But viewers recently uncovered something shocking Christine Brown once said.

All of Kody Brown’s ex-wives have made amazing progress and personal growth over the past several years. Now that Christine is happily remarried, she likely no longer stands by many of her former claims.

Keep reading to see what Sister Wives fans are buzzing about.

Christine Brown Once Staunchly Defended Polygamy

Sister Wives fans know that Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown have dramatically changed their opinions on plural marriage over the years. As of the spring of 2024, Christine is the only one who has remarried after leaving Kody Brown.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

One Reddit user recently dug up a clip of Christine defending polygamy and wondered what she would say about the clip today.

“S:14 E:15-Christine said…” the original Redditor titled their post. They quoted Christine from the episode when she said, “I don’t know how monogamists do it.”

“What do you think her response to that sound bite would be today? 🤣🤣🤣” OP asked other Reddit users.


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I think we all occasionally try to convince ourselves things are better than they actually are in reality,” another Redditor wrote. “It might be a job that sucks the life right out of you or a relationship that’s abusive. Sometimes the only way we can survive is to put on our Pollyanna glasses. I’m so happy these women eventually woke up and found the courage to leave his ass. It takes a lot of courage to leave, even when you know you’ll be far happier in the end.”

Other Reddit users readily agreed, writing comments including:

  • “All of them have said some pretty cringy things about monogamy in attempts to find the positives in polygamy.”
  • “She never knew any better, now she does.”
  • “Christine today: ‘ok yup now I get it.'”

The Woolleys Transform Their Backyard

Christine Brown hasn’t posted much about her life with David Woolley lately. However, she did share on her Instagram stories that she and David were working on landscaping projects in their backyard.

Christine’s children planted a tree in memory of Garrison Brown. Meanwhile, David built some planter boxes for the family to use. Garrison previously built some planter boxes for Truely so she could explore gardening as a hobby. Many Sister Wives fans appreciated David’s kind gesture.

What do you think about the situation? How do you think Christine Brown would react to hearing that audio clip about monogamists today? Share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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