Lisa Rinna Has Terrifying Secret In Lifetime’s ‘Mommy Meanest’ [Video]

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Just in time for Mother’s Day weekend is the latest Lifetime chiller Mommy Meanest. This stars a very terrifying Lisa Rinna, her daughter Delilah Hamlin, and Briana Skye. The new video preview is out and fans of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills alum will be shocked at her hair-raising role.

Here are all the details and the preview video.

Lisa Rinna-YouTube
Lisa Rinna-YouTube

What Is Lifetime’s Mommy Meanest About?

Lisa Rinna is starring with her daughter Delilah Hamlin in the upcoming Lifetime movie Mommy Meanest. What is this thriller about? According to The Futon Critic, teenager Mia and her divorced mom Madelyn have always had a “tight bond.” Mia has a history of emotional trauma. But, her mom was always there for her.

However, now that Mia has a new boyfriend, she is spending less time with her mom. This is not the only way in which Mia is showing her independence. In addition, Mia is getting ready to head off to college and this is making Madelyn panic. This is when things get creepy and dark.

Suddenly, Mia is getting threatening texts. They are degrading and hitting close to the mark. Mia, along with her best pal Summer, realizes that the person sending these messages must be close to her. They know too much!

Unfortunately, the person who has been cyberbullying her is none other than her mother. Why would she do something so detrimental to her daughter? The truth will bring a cascade of secrets that will shock viewers. Can a mother be trusted?

When Is The Premiere Of Lifetime’s Mommy Meanest?

The premiere of Mommy Meanest is on Saturday, May 11, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel. This movie will be available on the network’s app starting on the next day.


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This Movie Is A First For Lisa Rinna And Delilah Hamlin

The new Lifetime movie is the first time that mother and daughter Lisa Rinna and Delilah Hamlin have worked together. However, this is not Delilah’s first Lifetime movie. She also starred along with Sarah Drew in last year’s How She Caught A Killer. This was a Ripped From The Headlines movie based on a real-life story.

Delilah Hamlin Wears Red String BIkini Top [Delilah Hamlin | Instagram]
[Delilah Hamlin | Instagram]

Is This Movie A Ripped From The Headlines Movie?

Lifetime is famous for its true-crime stories called Ripped From The Headlines. Is Mommy Meanest one of these movies? While this movie is “inspired by actual events,” this is not a Ripped From The Headlines movie.

Lisa Rinna fans, will you be tuning in to see Mommy Meanest on Saturday, May 11, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel?

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