‘The Little Couple’ Zoey Klein Shares Big Secret

Zoey Klein With Her Mom - Jen Arnold Instagram

In August of 2022, The Little Couple fans heard that Zoey Klein missed being on the TLC show, and she still does, so she found a way to expand her social media presence. Unlike her brother Will, she doesn’t yet have access to TikTok and Instagram. Instead, she relies on her mom, Dr. Jen Arnold to share about her. Read on to find out how the adopted child from India got around that.

Zoey Klein Was Angry About The TLC Show’s Cancellation

Initially, after the pandemic ended, people expected a return of The Little Couple. When that didn’t happen, they assumed that Jen Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein opted out of reality TV. However, when Zoey interrupted a video by her mom and argued about wanting to be back on TV, fans heard another story. That came when Jen Arnold told her to take up her issues with the executives at TLC and Discovery+.

Jen Arnold Instagram, The Little Couple, Zoey Klein
Jen Arnold Instagram, The Little Couple, Zoey Klein

Zoey Klein, Will, her dad, and her mom never returned to TLC. However, fans still hope for a return of The Little Couple. Sometimes, her mom will share photos on Instagram and then note down her daughter’s replies to comments. However, the 12-year-old finally found a more effective way to engage on social media.

The Little Couple Alum Makes A Social Media Plan

Jen Arnold took to her Instagram this week to post a sweet photo of Zoey with her pup. In her caption, she explained how her daughter expanded her reach. The Little Couple mom said:

Zoey is missing her time on The Little Couple and is starting her own YouTube Playlist on my YouTube Channel. If you want to keep up with Zoey and her fun videos (kid friendly, mom approved), please follow her at my channel.

Zoey Klein With Her Pup - Jen Arnold - Instagram

Zoey Klein Shares A Secret With Fans

Zoey shared that her secret addictions are reading and eating and said no one knows this but she eats at night while she’s reading. Her 5 minute youtube video was pretty informative about the youngest Klein.

Zoey Klein already started posting her videos on her mom’s playlist. We also embedded one of them further down in this article for you to enjoy. In the comments section on Instagram, TLC fans liked the idea of seeing more of their favorite little person. Here are a few of their replies to Jen.

  • We miss you all! Definitely will follow miss Zoey on YouTube and show her all the support! Way to go Zoe! ❤️
  • Me and my family miss y’all so much!❤️ Can’t wait to support Zoey on YouTube
  • Yayy! I’m definitely going to subscribe. My daughter will love watching Zoey.
  • Great 👍🏽 job Zoe on your first video 🙌🏽 Can’t wait to see more of you guys!

What are your thoughts about Zoey Klein still missing sharing her life on the TLC show? Are you glad that she was able to expand her social media presence via her mom’s YouTube playlist? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your The Little Couple news.

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