‘BIP’ Star Danielle Maltby Explains Why She Stays In Ohio

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Danielle Maltby recently opened up on why she chose to remain in Cleveland, Ohio rather than return to Nashville. She first appeared on the ABC franchise with Nick Viall in The Bachelor but she later dated Michael Allio after Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. She moved to Ohio to be with him, but they split.

Danielle Maltby And Michael Allio Seemed Good Together

On Bachelor in Paradise, ABC fans saw that Michael Allio told his new girl that he loved her. It was sad in a way because he lost his wife, the mom of his son, James. Before meeting on the island, he’d never said that to anyone else. Meanwhile, Danielle also knew the pain of death. Recall, she lost her fiance in 2011.

Danielle Maltby, Michael Allio - Bachelor in Paradise - ABC YouTube
Danielle Maltby, Michael Allio – Bachelor in Paradise – ABC YouTube

Danielle Maltby seemed committed to Michael, and the former Bachelor star even moved to Ohio to be with him. She got herself a job but their relationship didn’t last. Still, she claimed that she had no regrets about the move. In September last year, she said that she wanted to stay on because she was really enjoying her job.

Bachelor In Paradise Star Opens Up About Living In Cleveland

Many Bachelor in Paradise fans predicted that it wouldn’t take long for Michael’s ex to return to Nashville. However, that didn’t happen and she explained why when she spoke with Cleveland Magazine recently. Well, it seems that her job is still one of the main reasons why she remains there. The outlet reminded readers that she works at “The Skin Center, a medical spa in Shaker Heights.”

Michael Allio Wanted A Life With Danielle Maltby - BiP - YouTube
Michael Allio Wanted A Life With Danielle Maltby – BIP – YouTube

Danielle Maltby said:

I work with these incredible women who have brought so much joy to my life. They rallied around me and made lists of all of these things to take me to and to do together, just to keep me busy and show me the city…I’m someone who has always gone where life takes me, and I’m always open to an adventure. My superpower is that I can make a beautiful life wherever I am.

Michael Allio first appeared in Katie Thurston’s The Bachelorette. He knows the pain of loss and to this day, he opens up about it. Clearly, he loved his wife Laura very deeply. You might recall that she passed away from cancer. Sadly, he said in January, “Finding happiness after loss is hard.” So, it seems doubly sad that he and Danielle Maltby didn’t find what they were looking for.

What are your thoughts about Danielle Maltby opting to stay in Ohio instead of going back home to Nashville? Are you happy that she made a bunch of great friends? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Bachelor in Paradise news.

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