Charity Lawson Shares Update After Breast Surgery

Charity Lawson/Credit: ABC YouTube

Charity Lawson worried fans earlier this month when she revealed she was recovering from surgery. But there was no need to worry – it was minor surgery to increase her bust size with breast implants. The former Bachelorette shared an update with fans about how the recovery process is going. Keep reading for all the details.

Bachelorette Star Latest Celeb To Go Under The Knife

Lip fillers, breast implants and other beauty enhancements are extremely common for reality stars. However, fans didn’t expect Charity Lawson to go under the knife. The former Bachelorette shared a cryptic Instagram post of flowers from her surgeon, wishing her a speedy recovery.

She confirmed a few days later that the surgery was to increase the size of her bust with breast implants. Several Bachelor Nation fans on Reddit said that the new breasts looked bulky and unnatural.

Dotun Olubeko and Charity Lawson/Credit: Charity Lawson Instagram
Dotun Olubeko and Charity Lawson/Credit: Charity Lawson Instagram

However, Charity didn’t seem to let the hate get to her and posted how happy she was with the results. How is she doing a few weeks post-op?

Charity Lawson Shares Update After Breast Surgery

Charity recently opened her Instagram DMs to questions from followers. One follower asked for details on the surgery recovery and recommendations for a surgeon, saying they were thinking of getting implants.

Charity Lawson shared more about the timeline of the surgery, noting that she had it done just a few days after appearing with her fiance on After The Final Rose following Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor.

She wrote that she had wanted to get implants for a while and stressed that it was not an impulsive decision. She advised her followers to do research and ask about risks if they are considering implants.

Credit: Charity Lawson Instagram
Credit: Charity Lawson Instagram

As for her recovery, she said that it was going well. Charity revealed that the surgery was “super quick” and only took about an hour. She added that three weeks post-surgery, her girls are “settling nicely.”

“Recovery for me has been a dream,” she added, after giving her surgeon another shout out.

In another question from fans, Charity confirms that she plans to vacation with Dotun and two of her exes – Joey Graziadei and Zach Shallcross.

The Bachelorette star seems beyond happy with the results of her breast implants. She admonished fans to “stop patrolling” what other people do with their bodies.

“It’s 2024,” she reminded people.

What do you think of her decision to increase her bust size? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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