‘Bachelorette’ Charity Lawson Gets Backlash For Recent Surgery

Charity Lawson/Credit: ABC YouTube

Charity Lawson received flowers from her surgeon earlier this week. Now she reveals why she had surgery, and fans aren’t happy about it. Keep reading for all the details on what the surgery was for and what Bachelor Nation fans are saying.

Bachelorette Star Goes Under The Knife

Charity Lawson took to social media earlier this week to thank her surgeon for sending her flowers during her recovery. Fans immediately wondered if the reality star was okay and speculated what she had surgery for.

Fans noted that the surgeon who sent her flowers was a plastic surgeon, prompting rumors that Charity may have gotten breast implants.

Charity Lawson/Credit: DWTS YouTube
Charity Lawson/Credit: DWTS YouTube

After a few days of silence, the Dancing With The Stars alum took to TikTok to clear up rumors and reveal why she had surgery. Fan speculation was correct. “I was in recovery because I got my girlies done,” Charity said in the video.

Sporting a black, low-cut tank top, she gave fans a glimpse at her new boobs. “Even if I turn to the side a little bit, it’s still in proportion with my frame. I’m very petite and tiny,” Charity demonstrated by turning sideways.

She admitted that she had been mulling increasing her bust size for a while and finally decided to go ahead with the surgery. “Best decision that I’ve made, I think, for myself in a hot minute and I’m really proud, I’m really happy,” Charity told her TikTok followers.

But a lot of Bachelor Nation fans weren’t so happy about the plastic surgery. First of all, some people thought when she said she was in “recovery” that she meant rehab for drug or alcohol addiction. “Bruh I thought it was something more serious like an addiction,” one person wrote on a Reddit thread about Charity’s TikTok video.


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Charity Lawson Gets Backlash For Recent Surgery

Many Bachelor Nation fans were disappointed in the starlet’s decision to get breast implants. One even wondered if her fiance Dotun Olubeko was behind the decision. Check out some of the things people said on Reddit:

  • “There was so Much speculation” well ya… duh…. when you put a vague “recovery” post on Instagram for attention and questions you will get just that lmao
  • I can’t stand when people argue that plastic surgery is for “myself.” Where do we think our beauty standards come from? Are we living in a vacuum?
  • Aw man she was so naturally pretty before and she wasn’t even close to flat.
  • I don’t like the fact that she’s promoting plastic surgery instead of promoting self-esteem without it.
  • Her natural ones really suited her petite frame. Oh well, as long as she’s happy and healthy!
  • Honestly this makes me sad. I’m so over all these STUNNING women getting a ton of work done to alter their body.
Dotun Olubeko and Charity Lawson/Credit: YouTube
Dotun Olubeko and Charity Lawson/Credit: YouTube

While Charity Lawson copped to a bust increase, some Bachelor Nation fans suspect she had lip fillers or chin implants as well.

  • She looks so different. In her face, specifically.
  • I wouldn’t have recognized her. She’s got the generic Hollywood face now
  • Am I allowed to say it… not a diss but she also appears to have lip filler like 99.9 percent of reality tv women
  • I honestly didn’t even recognize her…

What do you think about Charity Lawson’s decision to get breast implants? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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