Lala Kent Slams Haters With More Nude Photos

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Lala Kent recently slammed haters by posting more nude photos on her Instagram story. She is currently pregnant with her second child and is flaunting her pregnant body. Fans are praising her for her confidence. However, there are some haters out there which does not shock anyone. Lala did not put up with the hate and clapped back by posting more.

How Will Lala Kent Tell Her Child There Is No Father?

Lala Kent recently revealed how she was going to tell her child they do not have a father. 

“It’s a road I never thought I would be going down, I really saw myself in the cookie-cutter relationship and creating a family, but now that the universe has other plans for me, I’m so grateful this was an option. I will not even attempt to try and do it a different way. I don’t want another person involved, there’s such a high chance of it not working out, especially where we live. I’m not taking the chance. Like, I am so scarred from all of this s—t that has happened in my life. So I was like, ‘I would prefer that this baby kind of have the same aesthetic look as me, my mom [and] Ocean.’ So when they come into this world, it’s not only like, ‘You don’t have a dad because I got you from a donor,’ I just want to eliminate any sort of toughness for them. Because the world is already tough when you come from a totally normal family. I don’t want to make it any tougher for them.”

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Lala Claps Back

Kent posted a nude photo on Instagram where she covered the main parts. However, she did receive hate. This resulted in her posting more nude photos and saying there will be more to come.

“Keep clutching your pearls, Jans, I’ll be dropping triple B’s on you for the next 5 months. Try not to have a heart attack over it.”

Fans are here for her confidence and love seeing her journey.

Lala Kent Instagram Story
Lala Kent Instagram Story

It seems that this experience is surreal for Lala. She is more excited than ever. Fans recently saw Lala pick her baby daddy with her friends and family. She was getting emotional, and viewers knew that she was ready to be a mom for the second time. Her daughter Ocean seems to be excited as well. Lala has a big support system, and fans cannot wait to see the child born. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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