How Gerry Turner Went From Fan Favorite To Public Enemy #1

Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

Gerry Turner went from the hero destined to save the Bachelor franchise to the most hated man in America. Keep reading for a look inside his rapid fall from grace.

Golden Bachelor Spinoff Deemed Success

In 2023, ABC finally debuted the long-awaited Golden Bachelor spinoff from its popular Bachelor franchise. But instead of focusing on 20-somethings, senior citizens took the spotlight, hoping for a second chance at love.

Gerry Turner seemed to have it all. A retired restaurateur with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, Gerry was the first Golden Bachelor on ABC’s hit reality show. He was a dad of two and a widower, having lost his wife Toni to cancer in 2017.

Gerry’s journey began with a nationwide search to find the perfect woman to share his life with. After choosing among 22 women, Gerry proposed to Theresa Nist in the season finale, and she accepted his proposal.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: GMA YouTube
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: GMA YouTube

The pair married in a live TV wedding on ABC in January. They filed for divorce last week after just three months.

Who Is The Real Gerry Turner?

Gerry Turner’s sincerity and genuine connections with the women on the show resonated with viewers across the country. However, Gerry’s happy story took a dark turn when allegations surfaced that threatened to shatter his carefully crafted image.

The Hollywood Reporter published an expose in November 2023 that allegedly showed a darker side of The Golden Bachelor. At the heart of the controversy was the claim that Gerry had misled the public about his dating history after the death of his wife.

It was alleged that he had been seeing multiple women while still grieving his late spouse, contradicting his public portrayal as a devoted widower.

The November article didn’t have a major impact on Gerry Turner’s reputation. Theresa Nist went ahead with the wedding, possibly under pressure from the network.

However, last week’s divorce announcement has turned many Bachelor Nation fans against Gerry.

Bachelor Nation Fans Turn On Him Amid Divorce News

The joyful love story that had captivated the nation now seemed tainted by deception and dishonesty. For instance, the comments on Gerry Turner’s Instagram posts used to be mainly positive with a few trolls here and there.

However, his latest post is now full of comments from disillusioned fans. Check out some of what they wrote:

  • You guys have made a mockery of marriage. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • Theresa needs to be the golden bachelorette! She deserves a true gentleman! And honest.
  • How could u tell the interviewer your Still looking for love while still being in love with Theresa, make it make sense
  • You both were okay with long distance but now you’re not? Makes me feel like something else is going on and we’ll never know the real reason.
  • After reading what your ex had to say, I would bet Theresa didn’t want to go along with the demands you have when living together.
  • Theresa was NOT the PROBLEM!! He is!!!!
  • All a hoax. He’s been known to be controlling and a womanizer. Wanted to believe he changed, but it doesn’t look like it
  • EXCUSE ME SIR?! DIVORCE!? This was my first time watching the Bachelor and I’m done after this BS
  • What a low life scoundrel. You didn’t want a wife. You wanted fame, fortune and your own personal harem of women. SHAME ON YOU!!

What do you think about Gerry Turner’s fall from grace? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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