Travis Clark & Katie Bates Expecting Baby #2

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Bringing Up Bates alums Travis Clark and Katie Bates shared that they are expecting baby number two. They already have a daughter named Hailey but they are now expanding their brood. So, how did they share the big news? Keep reading for more details.

Travis Clark & Katie Bates Expecting Baby #2

It’s a Bates baby boom right now. Kelton and Josie Bates Balka welcomed their son, Miles in February 2024. Then, Lawson and Tiffany Bates announced that they were expecting their rainbow baby which was a beautiful moment. Shortly after that, Nathan and Esther Bates announced they were expecting baby number two. Now, Travis Clark and Katie Bates have the same news. They have a new little one joining big sister, Hailey which was shared on the family Instagram page.

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They opted to do a beachside photo shoot, with Travis holding Hailey, donning a white buttoned-down and khaki pants. As for Katie, she is wearing a long white ethereal summer dress, her blonde locks lightly waved. Hailey’s hair is in pigtails and she also has a white dress on. As they are all smiling, Katie is holding the sonogram pic. In the caption, Katie and Travis wrote this: “Baby #2 coming this fall! We can’t wait to meet you! Thank you, Jesus, for this blessing! 🤍🫶🏼”


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On their family’s Instagram page, the caption read:

“Baby #2 on the way and this Granny is absolutely jumping for joy! I can’t wait to see little Hailey as a big sis! We couldn’t feel more blessed and excited! Congratulations, Katie & Travis!”

Of course, fans were so excited about Travis Clark and Katie Bates’ latest addition. More so, they were shocked that there was another Bates baby on the way:

  • Super, welcome baby 32 🥰
  • So much love for this little family of FOUR 🥰❤️
  • Ahhh! Congratulations you two! Such happy news ❤️
  • Yay!! Congratulations!! Prayers for both Katie and baby to be healthy! 💗💙
  • congratulations your parents are so blessed to have so many grandchildren!

One person did note that it was sad how so many were having babies but Michaela Bates was struggling with fertility.

Falling In Love

Travis Clark and Katie Bates tied the knot in December 2021and it was well worth it, they shared:

“This day has been worth all of the waiting, all of the dreaming, and even worth all of the work of wedding planning, with its occasional stresses and anxieties. It’s been worth every moment, and we really can’t believe we are actually married! We know we still have a lot to learn about marriage and relationships, but we are excited to spend our lives learning and growing together. It’s an exciting day when you get to marry your very best friend in life and an even more special day when you can share it with family and friends.”

At the time, Katie was just 21 while Travis was 20 but they knew it was the right thing for them. Now, they are onto baby number two, further adding to the Bates brood of grandchildren. Fans have lost count but did debate which number this one will be. They were torn between 31 and 32. Either way, it will no doubt be showered with love.

Are you shocked by how many Bates babies are coming in 2024? Let us know your thoughts and congrats!

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