‘The Little Couple’ Fans Send Love To Jen Arnold On Dad’s Tribute

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold

The Little Couple cast member Jen Arnold recently honored her dad with a special tribute. Jen’s TLC fans also showed up to send her love. So, what did Jen Arnold have to say?

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold And Bill Klein Never Forget About Family

For Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, family is extremely important. This emphasis on family goes well beyond their immediate The Little Couple family of four. However, even in their Arnold/Klein household, family is extremely important to them.

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein make it a point to honor the cultural traditions of where Will Klein and Zoey Klein came from. The family celebrated the recent Lunar New Year with Mongolian hot pot, a dish eaten regularly where Will is from.

As for Zoey Klein, Jen and Bill also celebrate things like Diwali. This is a great way for both Will and Zoey to still keep in touch with their cultures, and The Little Couple fans love to see it.

The Little Couple Jen Arnold Stops Aging - Bill Klein Instagram
The Little Couple Jen Arnold Stops Aging – Bill Klein Instagram

TLC Family Also Remembers Those Who Have Passed On

Back in February, The Little Couple family traveled to New York City to celebrate Will Klein’s birthday. Will loves the Big Apple. Now that they all live in Boston, they don’t have to travel as far whenever they decide to visit. It was much more of a trek when they lived in Texas and Florida.

In addition to celebrating Will Klein’s birthday, the entire The Little Couple family took the opportunity to remember a family member who passed on 9/11. So, no matter what they are doing, Jen and Bill always take the time to remember those closest to them.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold - Bill Klein - Will Klein - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Jen Arnold – Bill Klein – Will Klein – Zoey Klein/Instagram

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Posts Special Tribute To Her Dad

Recently, Jen Arnold shared a sweet birthday tribute for her dad. She wished him a belated happy birthday, and she also had some sweet words to share.

Jen wrote: “Somehow Dad you always know how to teach us the right combination of funny and smart. We love you, and hope this next year around the sun is even better than the last.”


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The Little Couple fans were touched by Jen Arnold’s sweet message to her father remembering his special day. She also included an old pic of him in her birthday update.

  • One The Little Couple fan said: “Your Dad is so very blessed to have you for a daughter Jen! Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!”
  • Another TLC fan chimed in, saying: “Love your parents.”

This is indeed a special day for Jen Arnold’s dad, and she, along with many of her The Little Couple fans, chimed in with sweet birthday messages and kind words.

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