Justin Glaze, Susie Evans Under Fire For Bizarre TikTok Video

Susie Evans and Justin Glaze/Credit: Susie Evans Instagram

Susie Evans and Justin Glaze are known for their humorous videos. But Bachelor Nations fans didn’t find the humor in the couple’s latest TikTok. Keep reading to find out why fans are calling them out for the cringe content.

Susie Evans & Justin Glaze Embrace Influencer Lifestyle

Susie Evans and Justin Glaze both unsuccessfully looked for love on reality television. She briefly dated Bachelor Clayton Echard. He was Katie Thurston’s runner-up on Season 17 of The Bachelorette and later appeared on Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise.

The two connected after he reached out for help from the videographer. Bachelor Nation fans suspected the two were secretly dating, but they didn’t confirm the news until January 2024.

Susie Evans and Justin Glaze/Credit: Susie Evans Instagram
Susie Evans and Justin Glaze/Credit: Susie Evans Instagram

Since her time on The Bachelor, Susie Evans seems to have stepped away from her career as a wedding photographer and embraced the influencer lifestyle. The couple often post skits on TikTok that sometimes double as collaborations with big brands, such as Sweethearts Candy.

However, their latest social media content did not go over well with Bachelor Nation fans.

Under Fire For Bizarre TikTok Video

Justin Glaze posted a TikTok video that some fans dubbed as racist. “My YT [white] girlfriend asking me to pose for a cute pic at the zoo,” he wrote on the video of Susie taking his photo at the zoo. The problem?

He’s posed next to a sign detailing the evolution of monkeys into a humans. The comparison is a familiar trope for the Black community, meant to signify a gap in intelligence between white people and people of color.

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to react to the TikTok, which has since been deleted. To say fans weren’t happy is putting it mildly. Check out some of the responses:

  • Oh this is not it. They both need to do better.
  • They are both so stupid for this
  • Cringe
  • Remember he had all those racist tweets… yeah he dont love himself.. anywho!
  • Omg I’m so uncomfortable
  • Absolute trash.
  • Beyond disappointed in this
  • This is and never will be a funny joke to make seeing that black people are referred to as monkeys by racists. I wish I could say I’m shocked at Justin and Susie but I’m not.
  • Yikes. Surprised especially Susie agreed to this.
  • This is so f***ing embarrassing for both of them. I was actually rooting for them as a couple but I’m disgusted now.

Does Justin Glaze’s latest TikTok change your opinion of him or Susie Evans? Do you find the content problematic? Share your reaction in the comments.

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