Nick Viall Does Not Approve Of Scheana Shay’s Actions

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Nick Viall does not approve of Scheana Shay and her actions. He was not afraid to voice his opinion about her recent decisions on his recent podcast. Nick was on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Bachelor In Paradise, and Special Forces. Now he is diving into the drama on his podcast. Scheana Shay has had many haters lately and it seems Nick could be one of them.

Scheana Shay Betrays Trust Of Friends

Scheana Shay recently betrayed her friend’s trust. She has about 57 of her friend’s locations. However, this backfired when she let the group find out that Max Boyens and Katie Maloney slept together. She had told her husband Brock Davies about what she found, and he told Tom Schwartz. Scheana revealed that she continued to check both Max’s and Katie’s locations and realized that Max spent the night at Katie’s place. This ultimately caused drama between the group due to Max being Tom’s best friend and Katie being Tom’s ex-wife. Things are getting messy on Vanderpump Rules.

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Nick Viall Does Not Approve

Nick Viall seems to disapprove of what Scheana Shay did. So did the rest of the people on his podcast. One of his co-hosts said:

“Why don’t you care that your wife has 57 people’s locations, half of which she’s dated?”

Nick replied:

“That’s weird.”

The podcast’s guest star for the week also agreed.

“These are people I want to know where I am, The idea that my entertainment or joy would derive from like, putting together and like, seeking like other people’s comings and goings? That’s weird.”

It is safe to say that Nick and his friends think that this is a weird situation and shouldn’t be happening. Katie and Ariana also talked about how their privacy was invaded and they did not appreciate it. It is not unusual for friends to have each other’s locations. However, when it comes to creating drama in the group and invading people’s privacy, that’s when the line gets drawn.

Scheana Shay-YouTube
Scheana Shay-YouTube

It seems that there have been a lot of people who have turned on Scheana after she admitted she has so many people’s locations. Fans feel as though this is a breach of trust. Nick feels the same and thinks it’s “weird”. Fans are dying to know if her friends stopped sharing their locations with her after the Katie and Max incident. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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