‘Golden Bachelor’ Susan & Kathy Open Up About Dating After 60

'Golden Bachelor' Susan Noles & Kathy Swarts - YouTube, On The Red Carpet

Former Golden Bachelor contestants Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts opened up about what it’s like to date after 60. The pair said that they have been entertaining some of the men sliding into their DMs since they left the show. However, the dating world is more difficult to navigate than it was before. Continue reading to see what they revealed about the guys trying to court them online.

Susan & Kathy Wish Gerry Turner All The Best

Both Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts left The Golden Bachelor before Gerry Turner got down on one knee. While they were fan favorites, Gerry ultimately asked Theresa Nist to marry him at the end of Season One.

Although Gerry didn’t choose them in the series, they are both rooting for the couple. It was recently reported that Gerry and Theresa were living separately in different states.

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Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube

When asked about the situation, Susan Noles said the couple is just figuring things out and insisted that they love each other.

Dating After The Golden Bachelor 

Susan and Kathy have already started to move on since their appearances on The Golden Bachelor. In fact, they are setting some ground rules for themselves in the dating game.

Kathy, 70, told Yahoo Entertainment that there have been several men who have reached out to her online. “I’ve had like three or four guys, 35 to 40 years old,” she said. “I’m not going to be a nurse or a purse, and I’m not going to raise another child.”

Admittedly, there haven’t been boatloads of men lining up though. Kathy says that is because they’re scared. “We say what we think, and not all men can handle that,” she said. “This is the last chapter of our lives, and I want it to be the best chapter of my life. I’ve only got 50 more years.”

Kathy Swarts, ASKN, April, Susan, Kathy, and Nancy, The Golden Bachelor
Kathy Swarts, ASKN, April, Susan, Kathy, and Nancy, The Golden Bachelor

“I don’t, so hurry up,” Susan, 67, laughed. “Let’s enjoy what’s left, and that’s the main thing. I’m totally fine on my own. I mean, I have friends like Kathy. I have tons and tons of friends. The intimacy and somebody that makes you feel special is what I miss.”

The pair were asked about their sex lives. When prompted with the question of how much sex is the right amount to have in a week, Kathy said, “We got to find the guy first.”

“It just depends on how much energy you put out that day or how romantic he was. He could have it five times a week if he does the right move,” Susan chimed in. “My guy’s gonna have stamina, baby, or little blue pills.”

The former Golden Bachelor contestants also opened up about ageism. Kathy Swarts said that people their age have been “invisible” for a long time. “Ageism exists. I hate to admit it, but it does, and I think we are a refreshing new face and new voice about the possibilities in life, and it feels great to be able to be a part of that.”

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