‘Bringing Up Bates’ Tori Bates Stuns In Rare Appearance

Tori Bates & Bobby Smith From Bringing Up Bates, TLC, Sourced From The Bates Family Facebook

Bringing Up Bates star Tori Bates Smith impresses a lot of fans with her recent appearance. The 28-year-old has been inactive on social media for quite some time. The reason behind her absence is unclear. But it’s believed that the seventh Bates child is not a big fan of social media. But despite stepping away from the limelight, the soon-to-be mother of five still keeps in touch with her siblings and participates in family gatherings. Keep reading to see her stunning look.

Bringing Up Bates: Fans Predict Tori Bates’ Due Date

In October 2023, Kelly Jo announced that her daughter, Tori, was expecting her fifth child. It’s unclear if Tori discovered her pregnancy in the same month. But some Redditors believe that she has already finished her first trimester. Others also recalled that the Bringing Up Bates star doesn’t usually announce early.

Tori Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @thebatesfam Instagram
Tori Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @thebatesfam Instagram

Some believe that Bobby’s wife will welcome her fifth child somewhere between June and July, while several people think that April is highly possible. Tori’s fifth child will be Gil and Kelly Jo’s 29th grandchild.

Tori Stuns In Rare Appearance

Tori recently appeared in Lawson and Tiffany’s latest vlog, featuring their pregnancy reveal. The married couple documented the reactions of the Bates family as they shared the big news. But what caught the attention of many was Tori Bates Smith’s stunning looks. According to some, the Bringing Up Bates star has grown far different from the very few photos of her online. Others also speculated on how close she is to some of her siblings.

Tori Bates From Bringing Up Bates, TLC, Souced From Lawson Bates YouTube
Tori Bates From Bringing Up Bates, TLC, Sourced From Lawson Bates YouTube
  • “She looks amazing. She has really grown into herself from the few public images we have gotten.”
  • “Tori is very quiet and doesn’t:t like social media. But her kids occasionally show up on both Lawson and Michaela’s Instagrams. She has also been shown at lunch with the family, etc. I think she is closest to Erin, but gets along with everyone.”
  • “Wow ! Okay Tori! She looks AMAZING.”
  • “Her face card never declines!”
  • “Tori looks good.”

Bringing Up Bates: Tori Bates Already Gave Birth To Fifth Child?

Some Redditors from the same thread also noticed that Tori Bates Smith doesn’t look pregnant in her latest appearance. According to some, there’s a possibility that the Bringing Up Bates star may have already given birth behind cameras and has kept her fifth child a secret. But others speculated that she was about five months pregnant during the vlog and that her sitting position seemingly hid her baby bump.

Bobby Smith & Tori Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @bobby_torilayne_smith Instagram
Bobby Smith & Tori Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @bobby_torilayne_smith Instagram
  • “How pregnant is she here? she doesn’t look like she’s showing much. I agree with others, she beautiful, I think the prettiest one. I bet she gets along with everyone okay, close to erin and josie but likely not in a huge dramatic thing with anyone.”
  • “She doesn’t look pregnant at all to me… Does she already have the baby?”
  • “My guess has always been that she is due at the beginning of May. So she’d be about 5 months pregnant here, which fits especially since she is sitting down.”


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