Bear Brown Shares Rare Throwback Of Billy & Ami

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Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has always made it clear how much he misses his dad, Billy Brown. In a recent photo that Bear posted, with the only caption being “Mom and Da,” Bear shared a rare photo of Billy and Ami Brown both dressed up in fancy white clothes.

Here is a look at what Bear posted and how fans reacted to the photo.

Bear Brown Shares Rare Photo Of Parents

Bear Brown has always enjoyed sharing his memories of his dad, Billy Brown. Billy died on February 7, 2021, when he was 68, and his death played out on Alaskan Bush People. There has only been one more season of the show since his death, and it showed how much the kids miss their dad.

Alaskan Bush People - Bear Brown Shares Old Footage of Billy - Instagram

Billy Brown was the man who started Alaskan Bush People with his young kids. Billy was emancipated from his family after they died in a plane crash and he ended up with nothing. He wandered the country as a teenager and settled into the North Pacific as a commercial fisherman. He ended up marrying Ami and they had their kids – five sons and two daughters.

Soon, Billy moved his family into the Alaskan wilderness. While they started on government land, the U.S. government kicked them off the property. They decided to live off the grid and moved to a remote part of Alaska to live off the land and refuse to remain part of the government-controlled society.

This led Billy and Ami to raise their kids off the grid and teach them how to survive on their own without anything but the land they live on. This includes Bear Brown, Matt Brown, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, Gabe Brown, Noah Brown, Rain Brown, and Birdie Brown. While Matt remains estranged from the family and off Alaskan Bush People, he still lives off the land.

Now, Bear Brown has shared a new loving photo of his parents – one that shows them looking very different than many Alaskan Bush People fans are used to.

Fans Love New Bear Brown Photos Of Billy & Ami

Alaskan Bush People fans love the photo that Bear Brown shared. In the photo, Billy Brown wore a white suit while Ami wore a white dress with a big hat on her head. It was a very different look at the people most fans have only seen dressed for their life in the bush.

Fans chimed in after Bear Brown posted the photo and saw a strong similarity between Billy Brown and Ami Brown and their kids.

  • “You look like your pops for sure!”
  • “Rain looks just like Ami”
  • “I almost thought that lady was Rain!! Amazing how much our children resemble us in our youth years. Bear looks just like his pop.”

What are your thoughts on the photo that Bear Brown shared of his mom and dad? Do you see the resemblance between the parents and their kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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