‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Richualist Hair Styling Tools

Shark Tank has a new episode tonight and one of the companies coming on the show is called Richualist. This is a company that offers hair styling tools and they are hoping the sharks will find them unique enough to offer up an investment. However, they are also angling for sales for people of color, which might help them stand out.

Here is what you need to know about Richualist fromĀ Shark Tank and where you can buy its products.

What Is Richualist On Shark Tank?

Dawn Meyers founded Richualist to help women of color address their unique hair care needs. Dawn was a law student when she embraced her natural hair texture. She developed a new passion for creating products that help women of color feel comfortable in their skin. Dawn designed the flagship product, The Mint.

Richualist from Shark Tank

Meyers sacrificed a lot to start her company. She sold her home to fund the early prototypes and liquidated her 401(k) savings for payroll. It all worked in the end. She received $1 million in funding in 2022.

Dawn’s idea involved creating new technology that streamlines the styling process. The Mint detangles, warms, and conditions curl streams and gels. This means that, with one stroke, it does it all. It warms liquid hair products to between 130 and 140 degrees. This helps promote product penetration, improving moisture retention. Considered “healthy heat,” this stretches the product and lessens the product needed.

It also stretches curls, avoiding the dreaded shrinkage many other tools cause. It also cuts the styling time in half. The Mint is also easy to transport as an on-the-go tool.

Where To Buy Richualist Hair Styling Tools From Shark Tank

If you want to learn more about Richualist after itsĀ Shark Tank appearance, visit the company website at richualist.com. Once on the site, it asks for your email to receive more information, but that is optional.

At the moment, the website only offers The Mint on pre-order. The regular cost is $400, marked down to $298. They are also looking for backing before sending it out, so it appears to be a crowd-funding deal on the company website. At the time of publication, it had raised $21,456 with 72 supporters.

There are 16 days left on the page and it says it already sold out once, so this appears to be how Richualist sells the product at this time. It only comes in white and customers can get it for four interest-free installments of $26.90. It also appears that, at this time, the company website is the only place to get the products.

Are you interested in the Richualist hair styling tools and The Mint after seeing it on Shark Tank? Do you want to try it for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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