Drake Bell Says He Doesn’t ‘Recognize Himself’ In Latest Interview

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Before he came forward about the sexual abuse he experienced as a child while working with Nickelodeon, Drake Bell recalls nearly going down a dangerous path. Coming forward was “scary” but “freeing” for the former child actor. Here is what he had to say about finally breaking his silence on what happened to him.

Quiet On Set Revealed Bell’s Abuse For The First Time

Last month, Drake Bell’s revelations about the abuse he experienced while working at Nickelodeon nearly broke the internet. People everywhere have been talking about the explosive docuseries Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV. The series highlights multiple instances of misconduct, toxic work environments, and sexual abuse at the network during Dan Schnieder’s reign.

Several members of the cast of All That came forward about different toxic things they experienced on set. A number of people from behind the scenes on the writing team talked about being treated poorly by Schnieder as well. Overall, the series was eye-opening for those who watched it.

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However, the biggest story to come from the documentary was from Drake Bell. For the first time ever, he spoke about the sexual abuse he experienced at the hands of Brian Peck.

Peck, who was a child actor dialogue coach at Nickelodeon, abused Bell for a period of six months when he was 15 years old. Now, the former child star is talking about how it felt to finally come forth with the allegations publicly.

When Brian Peck was charged and convicted in 2002, the name of the minor in the lawsuit was unnamed. So, no one knew that the sexual abuse detailed in the suit involved Drake Bell until he revealed it in Quiet On Set.

Drake Bell Said Coming Forward Is Helping Him Heal

He talked about coming forward with the allegations publicly on “The Man Enough” podcast. Bell said that being “in the fire” and “thick” of the buzz surrounding his story was “nothing compared to how I have felt in the past.”

“The more that I’m able to talk about it, and the more that I’m able to articulate my thoughts just for myself, in my own mind, there is a big weight that feels has been lifted and is freeing,” he said on the podcast. Opening up about his experience publicly also pushed him to get help in the form of rehab for self-medicating.

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“[I] was not recognizing myself,” Drake Bell said of himself before he came out with his story. He said that his behavior was “just so out of character for not just who I want to be or who I want the world to see me as but who I know I am and how I know myself.”

At one point, he was convinced he would go down a specific path and that would be the end of his life. Instead, Bell said he felt able to “fight for what is important to you and your life: to fight for your family, to fight for your relationships, to fight for yourself, and to finally be at peace.”

Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV has a fifth episode that will air on Friday, April 5, on Investigation Discovery. It will be available to stream on Max after it airs on television.

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