WWE Star Chelsea Green Kicked Out Of Hotel In NYC

Chelsea Green in WWE / Twitter

WWE was in New York for a show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this week. One WWE superstar wanted to have fun while in New York and headed to Broadway for a show. However, before the show, she stopped at a bar for drinks. This is when Chelsea Green said the bar kicked her out because they thought she was an escort.

Here is what Green said happened to her in New York.

The Plaza’s Champagne Bar Kicks Out WWE’s Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green is a professional wrestler signed with WWE. Green is the wife of long-time WWE superstar Zack Ryder, who has left the company. However, now, Chelsea is making her name in WWE after getting her start in TNA Wrestling. While she works for the biggest wrestling company in the world, some people might not know who she is. This includes employees and management at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Chelsea Green and Zack Ryder in WWE / Twitter

Chelsea Green and her friend headed to The Plaza’s Champagne Bar at about 5:45 p.m. for drinks on Tuesday, the day after WWE Monday Night Raw. While she didn’t compete on Raw on Monday night, Green was still backstage at the show. Green said the next night, she planned to go to a Broadway show and wanted to have some drinks on their way. Chelsea then said they had to leave because they were not hotel guests.

According to TMZ, they called the Champagne Bar. The person at the bar said the establishment was open to the public, which made one wonder why Chelsea was told to leave. When a patron at the bar saw this and invited them in as their guest, security got involved.

Chelsea Green Says Bar Thought She Was An Escort

When the patron, who was staying at the hotel, invited her back in, security came into the picture. Chelsea said that the staff started to freak out and someone yelled, “Get back here. We aren’t playing your games. We know what you’re doing here.”

Chelsea wondered why they were acting like this. She wore an off-the-shoulder white top, a denim short skirt, and brown boots. She also wore a long dark coat. Chelsea said she was taken aback and tried to talk to management about how she was being treated.

However, when Chelsea entered the hotel lobby to find a manager to talk to, she said security rushed in and told her she had to leave. She said she finally got a manager, but he wouldn’t give in. She said the security guards stood off to the side and laughed as she tried to explain what happened. Green and her friend finally left, with staff escorting them out.

TMZ said they reached out to The Plaza but haven’t heard back. There is one humorous aside to this entire event. In WWE, Chelsea Green plays a character who is a “Karen.” She often complains and asks to speak to the manager when she doesn’t get her way. In this situation, it sounds like a manager was warranted based on the treatment she received.

What are your thoughts on the hotel throwing out Chelsea Green and they treated the WWE superstar based on her appearance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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