‘WWE’ Rhea Ripley Shocks Fans With Massive Guns & Tiny Shorts

WWE superstar Rhea Ripley has always let fans into her life when it comes to her physical appearance. This is because Rhea has worked hard to develop her body. Plus, she is a strong proponent of body positive messaging for girls. However, her latest photo went one step further, as she showed off her muscles after a hard day at the gym.

Rhea Ripley posts new photo for WWE fans

Rhea Ripley, 25, is currently involved in one of WWE’s biggest storylines on television. As part of Judgment Day, she is feuding with legends Rey Mysterio Jr. and Edge. She is also involved in a possible romantic storyline with Rey’s son Dominick and led him to turn on his father and join their group.

Rhea Ripley and Dominick Mysterio in WWE

Outside of the ring, Rhea is always working on her physique, putting in the hours to ensure she looks exactly how she wants to appear. This week, she shared a selfie on Instagram with her showing off her massive guns while wearing a black crop top with crisscrossing straps. She also showed off her slim waist and wore some tiny orange shorts, showing off her tattoos above and below the shorts.

While Rhea, at one time, had WWE fans constantly making fun of her muscular looks online, she has developed a respectful batch of fans on Instagram. Many are praising her muscular arms and others call her the “hottest woman” on the planet. This is important because she has suffered from body dysmorphia, and it took a long time for her to find happiness in how she looked.


Rhea Ripley’s struggles with body positivity

Rhea Ripley has suffered from body dysmorphia throughout her life. She revealed her issues in the Chasing Glory Podcast with former WWE announcer Lilian Garcia. “I would look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, I look disgusting.’ He’s like, ‘You got something wrong with you, ’cause you look fine.’ Even Kevin, [my current boyfriend], says, ‘You look great!’ And I’m like, ‘No, look at this bit on my tummy right here. It’s fat.'”

She said she would see all the fitness models on magazine covers and women on TV and felt like she needed to look like that. Instead, Rhea started working on the body that made her happy, even if it wasn’t the one that society preferred. Once she started her massive body transformation, several fans made it worse for her by mocking her looks and her growing muscles.

However, Rhea responded in a perfect manner. She showed off her body transformation over the years and sees “strength behind the photo” saying that “life’s tough and we all grow in different ways.”

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