Snowbird Brown Had 8 Pound Tumor Removed, Gives Update

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Snowbird Brown has taken to social media to provide an update about her health. The Alaskan Bush People star shared some shocking details about her condition. Continue reading to see what Snowbird revealed as well as information about the startling 8-pound tumor doctors removed.

Snowbird Brown Recaps Her Health Crisis

Not long ago, Snowbird Brown had to undergo emergency abdominal surgery. She shared that she had to have tumors removed from her ovaries. One tumor, she says, was eight pounds. The other came in weighing four pounds.

As the Discovery Channel star provided fans with an update, she stood outside. The wind was blowing and a rooster could be heard in the background occasionally. She was sporting a Fallout shirt with an animal-print sweater and, despite everything, she looked well.

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Instagram/Snowbird Brown

“It was rough,” Snowbird said in an Instagram video. “Rough healing and everything.” Now, she is completely healed from the surgery. While having a total of 12 pounds of tumors removed from her body is terrifying, the Alaskan Bush People star shared some good news.

According to Snowbird Brown, the tumors were not found to be cancerous. Rather, they were “cystic in nature.” However, there is a high probability the tumors will return and, if they do, there is an 80% chance they will be cancerous.

The Alaskan Bush People Star Shares A New Update

These details are something most fans were already aware of but for new information, the Alaskan Bush People star shared that she has more tests coming up to ensure that the tumors haven’t returned.

“So my doctors are having to keep a close eye on me,” Snowbird said. “I have to do blood work and a bunch of other tests every once in a while.”

Next month, she will be seeing the doctor who performed her surgery for a six-month checkup. She concluded the video by thanking everyone for their support throughout this entire ordeal.

“I love your Cheerleaders,” one fan commented, referring to the roosters in the background. “They’re rooting for you! Sending you prayers that [you’re] going to be great!” Another person wrote, “Prayers for your tests to all be negative for anything bad.” A third person chimed in, “My mom and I have been praying for you. Thanks for the health update.”


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Several other people mentioned that Snowbird’s mom was in their prayers as well. The family’s matriarch, Ami Brown, was recently hospitalized with a bad case of pneumonia. Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer several years ago and has been in remission, but something like pneumonia can be serious with her health history. After spending a short time in the hospital, the Alaskan Bush People star was released to go home and care for herself.

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