Erin Krakow Updates ‘WCTH’ Fans On Henry And Abigail’s Story

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At the end of WCTH Season 10, Henry Gowarn (Martin Cummins) was headed to Abigail Stanton’s (Lori Loughlin) front door. Now, just days before the When Calls The Heart Season 11 premiere, Erin Krakow shares an update on the Gowan and Abigail relationship.

What does Erin want to reveal to Hearties?


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Erin Krakow Updates Hearties On Henry And Abigail’s Relationship

At the end of WCTH Season 10, Hearties were excited to see some movement in the Henry and Abigail relationship. This has been going on offscreen, for several years, even on two shows and two networks. What is the latest news? Will there be a reunion?

On Thursday, Erin Krakow spoke to TV Insider about Abigail and Henry. What was her update?

Cautiously, Krakow said, “Obviously, it’s tricky.” She then continued. “I will say, because I don’t want to get people’s hopes up too high, Abigail does not currently return in Season 11, and I hope that doesn’t feel like a bait and switch for anyone when they see Gowen go to her door at the end of Season 10.”

Sounds like anyone who hoped to see Lori Loughlin’s beloved character Abigail Stanton return to Hope Valley will have to temper their expectations. She is not returning. However, the actress and show’s executive producer did share what Hearties should focus on.

“It’s more about Gowen’s journey to self-discovery and self-forgiveness. But I would love it if she could come back. That would just be the greatest.”

Although Abigail is not in Hope Valley, she is the glue that binds Krakow’s character Elizabeth Thatcher, and Cummins’ Gowen together. Erin believes that their special connection is their love of Abigail. She calls this “an emotional thread.” Henry and Elizabeth being together is the closest thing to being with Abigail.


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Is Lori Loughlin Returning To WCTH?

When Season 10 ended, WCTH co-creator Brian Bird told several podcasts that they were “In talks with Lori Loughlin” to possibly bring her back. However, Hallmark told one publication that they were not in any talks to bring the former cast member back.

Many fans may remember that early into Season 6, the College Admissions Case hit the headlines. Loughlin was dismissed from Hallmark. In addition, the network demanded that she be removed from the remainder of the episodes.

Although she has served her time and has gone on to star in Great America Family productions, it does not seem likely she will return to When Calls The Heart, at least when the network is Hallmark.

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WCTH Season 11 premieres on Sunday, April 7, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel. In addition, those who have Peacock can stream up to 72 hours after the premiere. Lastly, Hallmark Movies Now will air new episodes the day after they premiere on the Hallmark Channel.

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