Joey Graziadei Defends Cooking Skills After EggGate

Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joey Graziadei came under fire for his questionable cooking skills but the Bachelor star tries to redeem himself with proof he CAN cook. Keep reading to find out more about his defense of his culinary skills.

What Is EggGate?

Of all the things Bachelor Nation stars have to defend themselves for, their ability to cook is a new one. But Joey Graziadei’s skill in the kitchen came under scrutiny during Season 28. What is EggGate?

The unexpected drama went down during his overnight date with Kelsey Anderson. After spending the night with his future fiance in the Fantasy Suite, the professional tennis instructor wanted to whip up a meal for breakfast. But when he tried to crack an egg, it didn’t go so well.

Bachelor Nation fans hilariously trolled him over his inability to crack and cook an egg. During an interview with OnTheRedCarpet after the season finale, Joey Graziadei addressed the egg mishap.

Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

“I want to talk about that egg,” the Bachelor star began. His fiance chimed in to say it was “embarrassing” for her to be in the room during EggGate.

Joey explained that the egg breaking was not his fault, claiming that eggs in Mexico were different. Kelsey teased her fiance by saying she could crack an egg with one hand.

He went on to encourage her to talk about the homemade gnocchi that he made for her. It seems that Joey is still upset over fans trolling his cooking skills.

Joey Graziadei Defends Cooking Skills

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson may be holding off on a wedding, but they are full steam ahead with their relationship. Joey even moved from his sister’s house to live with Kelsey in New Orleans. The couple plans to move again to NYC this summer and enjoy their engagement before a wedding and honeymoon.

Joey took to TikTok to share his latest defense of his cooking skills. He shared a video of him preparing a meal. The video starts with him cooking ground turkey in a pan on the stove. Kelsey can be seen throughout the video as his Sous Chef.

This is for everyone that doubted my cooking skills from our morning together in Tulum,” he joked in the caption. He said in the video that it was “for all the haters.”

“Some people are calling it EggGate, but those people are me,” Joey quipped as he stirred the turkey in the pan. Both Joey and Kelsey are in casual clothing during his cooking demo. Watch him defend his ability to cook:


This is for everyone that doubted my cooking skills from our morning together in Tulum. Full disclosure, I’d understand why you would still doubt it since all I did was cook ground turkey 😂 #EggGate

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