Joey Graziadei Reveals When He Was Falling In Love With Kelsey

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Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson recently revealed when they were falling in love with each other. Kelsey could tell Joey was falling for her for a while. However, it seems that Joey could have gotten in some trouble with the producers and had to take a step back when he didn’t want to. The two have been able to be open about their relationship now that they do not have to keep it a secret and have a lot to say.

Joey Graziadei And Kelsey Anderson

Joey Graziadei was not good at hiding that Kelsey Anderson was the one for him. Daisy Kent knew on their last date that he was not going to choose her. However, Daisy was classy the entire time. She went to Kelsey to see how Joey was with her to get the reassurance she needed. Once she knew that Joey was choosing Kelse, she chose to break her own heart before Joey could break it for her. Regardless, Kelsey and Joey are doing great, and Kelsey was the one for Joey all along.

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Kelsey Tells Fans When Joey Was Falling In Love

Kelsey revealed that she knew Joey was falling in love with her in Montreal. However, Joey revealed that he had gotten in trouble with the producers and had to pay less attention to her.

“He was giving me no attention it felt like throughout that whole day. Like I was like this dude is literally avoiding eye contact.”

Joey jumped in to say:

“I got flagged. I was told you’re giving her too much attention. And I think I went way too far on the other side. You did nothing, I was in trouble. I couldn’t look at you anymore. So I do too much all the time.”

Joey also discussed how he felt like he did not get much from Kelsey at first and needed her reassurance. Kelsey explained you have to be more vocal in this situation than in a normal dating scenario.


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It seems that Joey was falling in love with Kelsey for a while before the finale. However, Joey could not show it as much because the producers felt as though he was giving Kelsey too much attention. So, it seems fans were right when they started to pick up on Kelsey being the one. The two seem happier than ever and fans love watching their relationship unfold. What do you think about what they said? Sound off in the comments below.

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