Daisy Kent Deciding To Give Away Her Final Dress To Good Cause

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Daisy Kent has decided to give away the dress that she wore in the final episode of The Bachelor. She wants to give the dress away to give it a better memory than the one she had wearing it. Joey Graziadei decided to propose to Kelsey Anderson instead of Daisy Kent. However, Daisy knew this was coming the entire time of the finale. She decided to break her own heart before Joey could break it for her.

Daisy Kent Walks Away

Daisy Kent decided she needed to walk away from Joey Graziadei before he could tell her why she was not the one he was choosing. She felt as though their relationship was off on their last date. He was not giving her any reassurance or validation. Kent then decided to go to Anderson and see if she had received anything that she did not. When she found out Joey had given Kelsey the reassurance she needed, Daisy knew she was not the one. The two then decided to show up together and Daisy told Joey she knew she was not the one.

“If I could love the wrong person that much, imagine how much I can love the right person,”

Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent/Credit: Reddit
Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent/Credit: Reddit

She Is Giving Away Her Dress

Daisy made a TikTok asking if anyone wanted her red skintight dress. 

“Who needs a prom dress? #thebachelor #prom,”

Fans immediately said they wanted it or suggested she kept it and used it to make a new memory.

  • “Wear it to something really fun and give it new memories,”
  • “This dress is ICONIC! Should hang in a museum! It belongs to the strongest and classiest woman EVER! You go girl,”

Fans love Daisy more than they did before after she was so classy about the situation she was in. She still shows how happy she is for Joey and Kelsey regardless of her heart being broken.


Who needs a prom dress? #thebachelor #prom

♬ When the Party’s Over – Cimorelli

It seems Daisy may end up keeping her dress and giving it a new memory for herself. However, if she decides to give it away, someone will be lucky to receive it from her. Fans do not blame her for wanting to get rid of one of the worst heartbreaks she has gone through. Daisy was not even ready to be the next Bachelorette and needed time to focus on herself and healing. What do you think about her getting rid of the dress? Sound off in the comments below.

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