Joey Graziadei And Kelsey Anderson Discussed Political Views

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Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson recently revealed what they discussed in the fantasy suite. They had to talk about important life views and make sure that they agreed on things. It seems that they did considering Joey proposed to Kelsey. Fans love seeing their relationship unfold now that it has become public. The two are in love and continue to show fans that the show did work out for them.

Joey Graziadei And Kelsey Anderson Talk Views

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson revealed that they talked about political views during their fantasy suite. 

“Yeah I knew that we were gonna talk about more like, you know our political views, and things like that. Pressing issues that you know I guess were make or breaks for us that we didn’t wanna talk about on camera. We talked so much about all of that stuff, but yeah I knew that he was going to spend the night with two other women.”

So, it seems that they had a lot of deep conversations off-camera that they did not want the entire world to hear.


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Fans Give Their Thoughts On The Topic

Fans then gave their thoughts on Redditt about their deep conversations.

  • “On the episode of the Viall Files it stood out to me when Kelsey mentioned her political views and how “she didn’t want to discuss those on camera.” As a liberal person that has watched this show for many years, I just kinda assume everyone is conservative until proven otherwise and it does change my views on the contestants.”
  • “It has always been insanely ironic to me how intolerant people can be of others political views if they don’t align with their own”
  • “Political ideology is 100% a factor in compatibility. Maybe in a friendship it doesn’t matter as much but in a relationship it should.”
  • “You guys can’t be serious lol . Kelsey is a liberal 😂. Her views are liberal , now I don’t know if the Republican registration should mean much in view of her very public liberal views and mocking trump.”

Regardless of their political views, Kelsey and Joey are in love and agree to their views on things. 

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: Joey Graziadei Instagram

It seems that the two talked about political views the most. However, fans cannot rule out that they also talked about family, religion, and much more. They needed to see if they were on the same page before getting engaged. Regardless, the two agreed on whatever they talked about, and Kelsey did not want to talk about politics on television. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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