‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Removed From The Internet?

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Wendy Williams has been in the headlines recently due to the Lifetime series documenting her life after The Wendy Williams Show. The daily talk show ran for 13 seasons. However, fans have noticed that any evidence of the program seems to have been wiped from the internet. Continue reading to find out where you might be able to watch it and why it has been pulled from the web.

Has The Wendy Williams Show Disappeared From The Web?

After being on air for 13 seasons, The Wendy Williams Show gained a large fanbase. When the show was cancelled many people were up in arms about not getting to see Wendy on TV every day.

In a digital age like the one we live in, you would expect to be able to find old episodes online. For Wendy fans, this is unfortunately hard to do.

Reddit user posted in a r/WendyWilliams subreddit pointing out that old episodes seem to be next to impossible to find. They posed the question, “Why has the show been scrubbed from the internet?”

Wendy Williams - YouTube, Debmar-Mercury

“How is this even possible and why??” they wrote “For a show mostly filmed in a digital age, how is it possible for the show to be almost completely wiped from the internet?”

The person said they were hoping to watch a few episodes of The Wendy Williams Showbut found it impossible to find anything online. The Reddit user pointed out that Wendy has a YouTube channel, but everything has been wiped from it.

“Why would they delete a YouTube account that could be making money if that’s the goal?” the fan asked. “It’s incredibly disrespectful but also disappointing.”

Where You Can Watch Wendy Williams

Several fans sympathized with the user, agreeing that it was not fair to have all of the episodes removed from the internet. “Sucks she can’t even earn royalties either, right?” one person pointed out.

Another person pointed out that it seems to be common with talk shows and other shows that were popular at the time, like Judge Judy. It is increasingly difficult to find any of the content on YouTube or anywhere else online.

That being said, it isn’t impossible to find and watch old episodes of The Wendy Williams Show. There are two YouTube channels where you might be able to find clips to watch.

Wendy Williams - YouTube, Debmar-Mercury

One Reddit user shared information about a channel called “The Wendy Archive” on YouTube. This channel has clips and full episodes of the show for your viewing pleasure.

The official Debmar-Mercury YouTube channel also has clips from The Wendy Williams Show available. The production company even has a snapshot of Wendy in the YouTube cover photo, in addition to Steve Harvey, Leah Remini, Sherri Shephard, and Frank Caprio.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere that you can watch that would pay Wendy any kind of royalties though. In that manner, the show has been wiped from the web.

What do you think about the show disappearing from the internet? Let us know in the comments below.

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