Wendy Williams Could Not Grasp Her Show Was Cancelled

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Where is Wendy Williams? on Lifetime might upset those people who watched her show for so many years. A lot of them hated the cancellation of the popular talk show host, and it turns out she couldn’t believe The Wendy Williams Show was canceled, either.

Wendy Williams Lost Her Show After Many Years

Ahead of the Lifetime docuseries, people found out that the charismatic TV star suffered from aphasia and dementia. The cancellation of the show came two years earlier. Health updates also included Graves Disease and Lymphedema. Then, there were the struggles with sobriety and cocaine use.

Fans of Wendy Williams discussed her fall from fame and many of them seemed confused about how someone could go from hero to zero so fast. Well, life is hard and fame doesn’t protect anyone from fate. While she tried to make her comeback, filming the story for that became something very different.

Family Talks About Show’s  Cancellation

CNN reported that in 2022, her sister Wanda’s daughter, Alex Finnie told the TV star the bad news about the show being canceled. At the time, Sherri Shepherd was in the driver’s seat while the host dealt with her issues. Stunned, she refused to believe that her long career had just evaporated.

Where Is Wendy Williams - Lifetime YouTube
Where Is Wendy Williams? – Lifetime YouTube

Alex said to the news outlet that Wendy Williams “didn’t seem to grasp the reality of the situation.” The outlet cited her as saying that she had some difficulty getting the message through about the cancellation of The Wendy Williams Show.

I want to really explain something to you so that you can get this. There’s no more ‘Wendy Williams Show.’ They decided to cancel it. After so many fabulous seasons, this curtain has come down.

Sadly, it took some consults with the “with the powers that be,” before it sunk in. At the time, she seemed to be very confused, and of course, that might relate to the news about her dementia diagnosis. The family would love to be there for her now, but she was allocated a guardian, so they don’t know exactly where she is.

The Docuseries Faces A Hiccup

While it seems that the story of Wendy Williams is important, there is some worry that it might not air as planned. If you haven’t heard, her guardian filed a lawsuit against the parent company of Lifetime, A&E Television Networks. It seems that they hope to prevent the show from airing. However, there are also some stories that Lifetime intends to air it, regardless.

What are your thoughts about the talk show host not believing that her show could face cancellation? Can you imagine how hurt and confused she must have felt? Are you hoping that the Where Is Wendy Williams? docuseries airs on February 24 and 25 on Lifetime? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your celebrity news.

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