‘Selling Sunset’ Christine Quinn Makes Disgusting Claims Of Abuse

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset on Netflix, Sourced from YouTube

Former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn is going through an incredibly tense situation with her husband at the moment. Fans remember her elaborate wedding to Christian Richard on the show. Sadly, it seems that the couple did not go on to live happily ever after.

In a recently filed restraining order, Christine alleges that Christian Richard has behaved incredibly abusively toward her and her son. Keep reading to see what’s going on.

Christine Quinn Files A Restraining Order From Her Husband

Christine Quinn may not have been the most popular cast member on Selling Sunset, but everyone would agree that no one deserves to suffer from abuse.

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset on Netflix, Sourced from YouTube
Selling Sunset/Netflix

Page Six obtained access to court records where Christine Quinn reports her husband suffers from “serious mental health issues, including bipolar, mania and schizophrenia.” Unfortunately, everything came to a boiling point on March 18, which was the day before police arrested Christian Richard for domestic violence.

According to the records, Christine said that on March 18, she had told her husband she felt dissatisfied with their relationship. Complaints ranged from a “lack of financial contribution” to his “lack of effort” to be a good partner to her. As a result, Christian Richard allegedly started yelling and throwing things.


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“He narrowly missed hitting me with one of the metal rods, but I was struck by one of boxes he threw,” Christine Quinn wrote in the report. “He then opened a can of Red Bull and threw that across the room as well, making more of a mess … and returned a short time later, and threw dog feces at me, which he pulled out of the trash.”

The Selling Sunset Star Called The Police When Richard Injured Their Son

Afterward, the 35-year-old alleged that her husband began to urinate on the floor and continued throwing things. She also claims she was afraid to call the police right away. Christine alleged she feared for her life and felt scared Richard would injure, or even kill, her and their son. He reportedly only stopped his rampage because he realized Christine was recording him on her phone.

“I then locked him out, and our son and I spent the night in the master bedroom,” the Netflix star continued. “I could hear him continuing to shout and yell, and could hear him smashing and breaking things through the house.”

The next day, Christian Richard reportedly threw a glass object at Christine and their two-year-old son. When she saw broken glass in her son’s hair and heard him cry, she called the police. They arrested Richard in his bathrobe on March 19.

Although the situation is horrifying, this is likely far from over. Follow TV Shows Ace to keep up with this developing situation and see what happens next.

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