‘Selling Sunset’s’ Christine Quinn Dealing With Death Threats, Being ‘Villain’

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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn recently dished on dealing with being labeled a villain, the viewing public’s perception and how acting on TV is different than being on a reality show. Oh yeah, and death threats. She has had a few of those, too.

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Received Death Threats

Selling Sunset shows how cutthroat high-end real estate can be. But, according to Christine Quinn, being on the reality show itself is far more challenging. The 31-year-old has a slew of haters who even send her death threats.

On Tuesday, People published an interview with Christine. They discussed everything from cooking–she claims to be an excellent cook and equated her culinary skills to her on screen skills and bedroom skills–to haters. There are even those who have sent her death threats. That is pretty harsh!

The blonde beauty didn’t immediately share that she received death threats. Instead, this revelation came by way of the question on how she changed on-screen between Season 1 and Season 2. The editors were asking why she was more reserved at the beginning of that second season. Her reply? “Well, that Christine gets death threats.”

Surprisingly, Christine Quinn then revealed, “I was scared. I was a little scared.”


Viewers ‘Invested’ In Selling Sunset

Why would viewers of the Netflix series want to spew death threats at Christine Quinn? She believes that people are “so invested in the show.” The actress and real estate agent surmises that people “see what they see.” Many of those people just “think I’m I’m this crazy person.” Thus, she concedes, this is why she gets death threats.

On the other hand, those people being so invested in the show has certainly helped their ratings. Although, right now, Netflix has not renewed Selling Sunset for Season 4.

Christine Quinn Has ‘Fun’ With Villain Role

From the beginning of Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn has been cast as the show’s villain. But, Quinn admits that “I love it.” She finds it humorous. This gives her something fun when in front of the cameras.

Many people forget that she was previously an actress. She only got into real estate because she wanted to get into comedy. When she was acting, she found herself stuck in role after role of dumb blonde parts.

Now, she has a role to really to sink her teeth into. She is being herself, but she loves to entertain people. And she wants to “make them feel something.”

Her greatest joy? When people realize that she has a “heart of gold” under all of that on-screen venom. Those fans who choose to dig deep and give her a chance are the fans that she loves best.

Most of all, Christine Quinn wants people to know that she is not “a one-note b****.” She admits to being the b-word, but the reality star wants people to see that she has more depth.

For one thing, she is very generous. Especially to females. Christine will “just give away money to random people.” She also purchased an iPhone for one of the girls who runs her fansite. People just “don’t see” these acts of kindness.

Christine Quinn has proven that she is far from the Selling Sunset villain!

Be sure to catch all three seasons of Selling Sunset on Netflix.

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