Kaity Biggar & Zach Shallcross Finally Set Wedding Date

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Kaity Biggar and Zach Shallcross got engaged on The Bachelor in March 2023. After a year-long engagement, they finally set a wedding date. Keep reading for all the latest news on their upcoming nuptials.

Vacation Goes Awry

Kaity Biggar and Zach Shallcross recently took a vacation to Dubai. But their fun in the sun didn’t go as well as they hoped it would. Kaity revealed on social media that they both suffered medical issues that put a damper on the vacay.

While Kaity was being treated for dehydration, Zach fainted and smacked his head on the cement floor. She called the situation “very scary” for both of them. But they are both feeling better now. She shared an update during an Instagram Q&A, assuring fans that both she and Zach are on the mend.

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Kaity Biggar and Zach Shallcross/Credit: Kaity Biggar Instagram

Kaity Biggar & Zach Shallcross Finally Set Wedding Date

Bachelor Nation couples typically start planning their wedding shortly after the engagement. Sure, most never make it down the aisle, but they had plans! Golden Bachelor couple Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist were one of the rare few who got hitched after a short engagement.

Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar aren’t in the same hurry to walk down the aisle. They’ve been focusing on strengthening their relationship and building a life together in Austin, Texas.

As the one-year anniversary of their televised engagement approaches, it seems the couple are ready to marry sooner rather than later.

Kaity gave a wedding update during the Q&A. They don’t have a firm date or location set yet, but they are eyeing a possible Texas wedding. She revealed that if they do go with that location, the wedding will “probably” be in October 2025.

Credit: Kaity Biggar Instagram

The Bachelor Season 28 winner reiterated that their main priority right now is to buy a house before they get married.

Bachelor Couple In Counseling

Another fan asked if the couple was in pre-marital counseling. Kaity revealed that they have actually been in couples counseling since leaving the reality show. She said that it helps them maintain a healthy relationship after “getting off a crazy show” like The Bachelor.

Kaity added that counseling helps “facilitate vulnerability and openness,” which is something she struggled with in the past.

Credit: Kaity Biggar Instagram

It sounds like Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar’s nuptials could be the next Bachelor Nation wedding. Do you think they will wed in 2025 in Texas or choose another date and location? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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