Did Brayden Bowers & Christina Mandrell Get Married?

Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell via YOutube 2

Fans are confused after social media posts on Tuesday made it seem like Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell decided to elope. The two are dressed in wedding clothes, at a chapel, posing and even cutting a cake. What is going on with these two lovebirds? Keep reading to find out more.

Are Brayden Bowers And Christina Mandrell Married?

There were a lot of posts on Instagram Tuesday surrounding Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell. The Bachelor alums were featured in wedding posts. Christina even wore her mother’s wedding dress.

The couple looked so in love as they posed for the camera. However, is it real? While it looks very official the couple was just doing a fun photo shoot. In their posts, they put several hashtags such as wedding planning, wedding venues and photoshoot.

The owner of the car featured in the shoot said, “Going to @whitevelvetchapel and we’re gonna get married 💒😉 Since the day I bought my car @thedollycarton I’ve been dreaming of this elopement styled shoot. Thanks to an incredible team of talented and creative rockstars, it turned out even better than I could have ever imagined.”

It seems they did not actually tie the knot. However, they have done everything else in their relationship rather quickly so perhaps a real wedding isn’t too far off.

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Fans Are Still Confused

Many fans continue to be confused by the photo shoot which really seems official. Tons commented congratulating Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell.

Even Golden Bachelor alum Susan Noles commented saying, “OMG U did it without me!!!! lol. Love u both congratulations”

Some fans were getting frustrated and just wanted Brayden and Christina to share if it was the real deal or not. Others pointed out the hashtags and said it was just a photoshoot.

Regardless, they looked stunning and fans couldn’t help but look at them and comment that some couples are just meant to be.


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So far neither Brayden nor Christina has commented after sharing the remarkable videos that showed everything from getting ready for the day to posing with the just-married car to cutting a cake and having some wine.

After seeing this incredible display, fans can’t wait for Brayden and Christina to actually get married. Do you think they will get married soon?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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