North West Reveals Shocking News To Huge Audience

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Not only did The Kardashians drop big news about the premiere date and new teaser, but now North West also ramped up fans. In the grand style of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, their daughter, North shocks a huge audience with the reveal of her big news.

Co-Parenting Divides

Undoubtedly, both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have differing parenting views. When Kim started allowing North West to post videos on TikTok, Kanye completely disagreed. Although it was a joint account between Kim and North, Kanye believed it wasn’t good for her to be on the social media platform at such an early age. But Kim felt it was a creative outlet for North to make videos while she supervised. However, there was backlash for the content of some of her videos not being age-appropriate. Additionally, there have been rifts with North preferring to stay with Kanye. At one point, North became destructive to get her way when she wanted to go to Kanye’s house. Recently, Kim also requested that Kanye ask Bianca Censori to cover up when she is around her kids. But the parents are both contributing to how North is being raised.

North West Makes Huge Announcement

On Sunday, March 10, North West made a huge announcement. Undeniably, the young star has hinted at following her dad, Kanye West‘s lead in the rap industry. But now, North is showing that it may be sooner rather than later that she is planning to branch out. During Kanye’s Vultures 2 listening party, North stole Footprint Center stage in Phoenix, Arizona, with her dad supporting her nearby. Then North says, “Hi, it’s Northie, and I’ve been working on an album. And it’s called Elementary School Drop Out.”

North West makes huge announcement at Kanye West's Vulture Vol 2 listening party. - TikTok
North West makes a huge announcement at Kanye West’s Vulture 2 listening party. – TikTok

North West: Like Father, Like Daughter

This shocking announcement comes after Kanye West requested Kim Kardashian remove their kids, including North West from their exclusive elementary school. On Instagram last week, he said, “Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon now it’s a fake school for celebrities that are used by ‘the system.'” But the album name is directly correlated with Kanye’s 2004 debut, The College Dropout (Def Jam). Notably, it featured Jay-Z, Common, Jamie Foxx, Twista, Ludacris, and more. Significantly, it was #2 on the Billboard 200, selling 441,000 copies during the first week.

In February, young North West debuted on Talking from Vultures Vol.1. While it was a joint album by Ty Dolla $ign and Kanye West, North took some of the spotlight. She is one of the youngest artists in history to reach number one on the Billboard charts. Following, last month, a music video for the track was released. Currently, it has over 17 million views on YouTube.

Fans Show Concern For North West

Although some of North West’s fans are very excited about the new release, many others are in shock. Several people have concerns she may be “dropping out” of school in reality.

  • “I’m praying she didn’t actually drop out of elementary school.”

  • “So North West dropping an album called ‘Elementary School Drop-Out!'”

  • “Hey I think it’s cool she wanna do music. It’s just how is this a good idea to call an album that?”

  • “Did she actually drop out of elementary school?”

  • “A kid with “Elementary School Dropout” as the title is wild.”

  • “Well, most elementary school students will think dropping out is cool while North West lives in luxury.”

Grammy Album of the year
byu/Adventurous-Snow1902 inkardashians

What do you think about North West’s announcement of her new album? Do you think it is just a fun nod to her dad, Kanye West’s debut album? Or do you think Kanye and Kim Kardashian will allow her to drop out of elementary to “fight the system?” Do you think this is a good idea for North? Are you ready for new music from North? Drop your comments below.

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